Friday, July 29, 2011

School is back in session...homework for tomorrow

Excuse me, Mr. Fradella....we have some things we'd like to show you.

1.  60 boxes

2.  Undetermined volume of electronic images...yada yada.

What a sphincterific moment.

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Anonymous said...

it is possible that the new stuff against fradella relates to bank fraud that he committed. i do not think he had been charged with bank fraud previously. i suppose the deal that fradella has been offered is very harsh otherwise he would be crazy to go to trial.

Anonymous said...

ooo...juicy...what sort of bank fraud? (other than the pump and dump that SEC prosecuted him for)

Anonymous said...

fradella bought old accounts receivable and ran them through his company's balance sheet (as current) in order to expand the company line of credit. the lenders ended up having to write off millions lent to home solutions due to this fraud.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dambala, can you help clear something up? Is the Frank Fradella in this post and the guy at the center of all the Nagin & Dallas/Orleans heat right now.... the SAME guy as the Jefferson Parish Fradella?

This is all courtesy of Slabbed: As referenced by another poster elsewhere (Whitmergate), "‘Frank Fradella’ in any way related to the now deceased “Frank Fradella”, a former Butch Ward politico hack from Gretna who whored out for TheRiot on the original Home Mortgage Authority. etc… ?"
(In case you don’t know Chief Beauregard B. H. “Burry” Miller – Senior & Junior – ruled over Gretna for years and years, as in decades, and their influence is still felt throughout JP politics, especially in the form of west bank hacks like Chris Roberts)...

Anonymous said...

8.31.89 TP:


The night of Aug. 19 sparkled with merriment at Chief B.H. Miller Jr.’s 10th Anniversary Roast, an unqualified success with more than 500 people at the Four Columns. It was sponsored by the Gretna Historical Society.

The guest list read like a “Who’s Who” on the West Bank, with GHS President Anne Gauthreaux as hostess. Mayor Ronnie Harris, attending with wife Donna, gave the welcoming address.

Green and gold balloons and streamers anchored to champagne bottles, nestled in shredded traffic tickets, decorated the tables.

Mary Grace Curry, mistress of ceremonies, recalled how her mother, Gladys, sang from the sound truck during B.H. Sr.’s elections, “Burry don’t you worry, the election’s in the bag.”

Among partakers were the chief’s wife Marian, daughter Liz, his mother Josephine Miller Sr., and cousin Jackie Schenck.

After cocktails and dinner, the roast began. Sirens and blue lights blazed from two police motorcycles racing through the aisles as music from “2001 A Space Odyssey” flared stereophonically, electrifying the air.

A showy outburst of smoke billowed, and 11 roasters emerged, including former Gov. Edwin Edwards.

Roaster Joe Darby got laughs with: “People say B.H. fixes tickets, but there’s not a shred of evidence to prove it.”

C.J. Eagan recalled when he and B.H., an even-tempered guy, were on the Parish Council and B.H. introduced his own brand of parliamentary procedure.

Roasters Alderman Bunny Uzee, Kenneth Leithman, Msg. Gerard Poche, Blaine Kern, Leola Crosby, Sen. Fritz Windhorst, John Varisco Sr., the unofficial mayor of Terrytown, and Kenner Police Chief Sal Lentini, in addition to Eagan, Darby and Edwards, kept the crowd laughing.

From Jefferson Parish were Council President Michael Yenni, Chairman Robert Evans Jr. and wife Sylvia, Councilman Butch and Pamela Ward and Councilman Lloyd and Marian Giardina. Felicia Ditta, Robert and Debbie Wolfe, Adrien and Beverly Lapeyronnie, Steve and Kathleen Klein, Nelson and June Barrios and Nat and Ada Knight were among the many.

Also enjoying the frivolity were the Luke Labruzza family, Nellie Cargol, Frank Deemer, Dorothy Borne and Emery and Sylvia Cox.

Wishing the chief well were Gretna’s Board of Aldermen and spouses: Gerry and Patricia Schexnayder, Sammy and Nola Marchese, Bunny and Jane Uzee, Leo and Carolyn Jones Jr. and Vincent and Shari Cox.

Among kith and kin were Kate Ward, June Lawson, Deputy Chief Arthur Lawson and wife, Brenda, Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Kass, Edna Mae and George Hepting and Nick and Phyllis Beninate.

+++++++++++++Spotted in the crowd were Judy and Brian Patureau, Olden Toups and mom Marceline, Pat and Darlene LeBoeuf, Sally and Frank Fradella .

Enjoying the levity and libations were Jack and Jerri Stumpf, Ross Ketchem, Frank and Lonnie Evans, Diane Evans and the Harold Percles. Lil and John Uhl, Dick and Helen White, Anita Christensen, Dorothy Loupe and party organizers Capt. Robert and Theresa Lyons and Chris Ziifle added their own glitter.

Dilda and Guy Stapler, Peter Russo, Lauren and Gerard Karam, Doris Jambon, Irma Donnes, Elizabeth Schwarz, Gerdie Templet, Margie Falcone and Ruth and Bill Bush made merry.

Among the seated dinner guest weree Myra and Chubby Meyer, Tony Giambelluca Russell and Marian DiMarco and daughter Alicia, Carrie Marchifava, Evelyn and Burt Strehle, Dean and Charlene Waltzer, Jon and Cherreen Gegenheimer and the B.K. Sneeds.

Joe and Lea Billa, George and Marilyn Young and Nick and Lynne Christiana, Earl Galle, Gwen and William Hinkel Sr., Casey and Margie Jones and Blaine and Carol Lee McMahon mingled among hundreds who toasted the evening.

B.H. closed the event by thanking the roasters “for the things they didn’t say.” … ”

Anonymous said...

8.16.92 TP: “Kaselaan & D’Angelo Associates Inc., a national environmental consulting firm, has announced promotions at its new Orleans regional office. Frank Fradella has been appointed vice president; Jerry Conrad has been promoted to operations manager; Richard Longman is the new manager of technical services; and Barry Brupbacher has been named manager of environmental services.”

5.23.93 TP: “NSC Corp., a Massachusetts-based environmental subsidiary of OHM Corp., has hired two people to develop a market in the South. Frank Fradella was named regional vice president in charge of all NSC operations from Florida to California, including the New Orleans office. Jerry Conrad was named operations manager for NSC Corp.’s New Orleans location.”

Anonymous said...

+++++ 7.10.93 TP – here we have a Gordon Konrad (Marcello) sighting and Gate’s Home Mortgage reference comes into play:
Having funneled more than $875,000 to a politically connected lawyer since 1985, some members of the Jefferson Parish Home Mortgage Authority thought a new bond offering presented an opportunity to share the wealth.
Unfortunately, the authority’s chairman said, they hit a roadblock: Three colleagues insisted on keeping their longtime firm – Konrad, Earnest and Michaelis – and blocked every attempt to use another.
As a result, the authority, which offers mortgages to lower income, first-time home buyers at favorable rates, selected only the bond underwriters at its meeting last Tuesday.
The attorney issue left the authority locked in a dispute it can ill afford, since it wants to sell $15 million of bonds this fall and is facing increased scrutiny from the Parish Council, which appoints it.
On Wednesday, Councilman Nick Giambelluca will sponsor a resolution forcing the authority to submit its bylaws to the council and slice its $100 per meeting rate. The authority has been costing taxpayers too much money with unnecessary meetings, Giambelluca said.
“They just seem to do what they please and it’s getting ridiculous,” he said.
*** Locked in ***
On the matter of bond attorney, three members refused to vote for anyone other than Gordon Konrad. Konrad has handled every bond offering by the authority since 1985, billing more than $575,000 in the process. In addition, Betty Earnest, a name partner in Konrad’s firm, was the authority’s legal adviser from October 1989 to April 1992, at a cost of $310,000, Chairman Dan Kelly said.
The trio supporting Konrad were authority vice chairman Louis Thomas, and authority members William Lazaro and Eugene Orgeron. The three voted against all other law firms considered.
Those members were appointed by Council Chairman Robert Evans, who named Lazaro, and council members Donald Jones and James Lawson, who appointed Thomas and Orgeron, respectively.
Since 1991, the firm of Konrad, Earnest and Michaelis has given at least $4,500 to Evans, $1,000 to Lawson and $500 to Jones, according to campaign finance reports.
“It’s the same group that has always voted for” Konrad, Kelly said. “I thought we should attempt to share the business and give someone else who’s qualified a chance.”
+++++++++++Kelly’s view was shared by authority members Lurry Plauche and Frank Fradella .
Jones said Friday he was unfamiliar with the situation and would press his appointee for information. He said his appointees function independently, and he intervenes only when boards and committees begin to jockey for political position.
“A lot of these committee and board members have been there a long time and they vote anyway they please,” Jones said.
Four law firms submitted proposals to handle the latest bond offering, a job estimated to be worth $60,000. The authority voted on three of them but failed to get a majority. One authority member, Carol Simmons-Rathborne, was absent.
The authority then voted to readvertise for bond counsel, which Kelly called “foolish.”
But Thomas said only Earnest had made a pitch to him before the meeting, and thus he voted for the firm with which he was familiar. He said he has since met with other firms.
“I voted the way I did because I only knew about the one firm, but now I’ve been impressed with the ideas some of the other attorneys have presented to me,” he said.
Konrad said he did not consider himself a favorite in the proceedings, though he expressed disappointment his firm couldn’t muster the four-vote majority. He defended his firm’s relationship with the authority, saying the firm’s many hats provided better service. Lawson and Evans said they had not tried to influence the process, and stayed out of the day-to-day operations of the authority.
“I haven’t lobbied anybody on anything,” Evans said.”

Anonymous said...

5.18.94 TP:


No one doubts that Jefferson Parish Home Mortgage Authority Chairman Dan Kelly received twice as much pay last year as any of the organizations’s other nine members.

But parish leaders disagree on whether the $10,900 Kelly received for attending twice as many meetings as his colleagues violated parish law.

And Kelly, in the final four days of a campaign for the 79th District House seat, says he knows why the 2-year-old issue resurfaced this week.

“This is the last week of a campaign and this is a way to shoot me down,” Kelly said. “This is all political.”

Kelly contends that Jimmy Miller, a major in the Sheriff’s Office and a friend of House candidate Danny Martiny, was in the mortgage authority’s office Monday asking for pay records.

Kelly said he believes Miller was working on Martiny’s behalf and that the two men then distributed the information about the meetings to the media. The election will be May 21.

Both Martiny and Miller denied the accusation. Martiny said he did not solicit the information but received an anonymous fax Saturday detailing the per diem payments of board members. Martiny said he asked Miller to see if the information was accurate.

But Martiny and Miller said they did not prepare or send any faxes to the media.

“I had nothing to do with it and I know (Miller) didn’t fax it out either because I was the one who showed him the information,” Martiny said.

The issue first surfaced in March 1992 when the Jefferson Parish Council passed a law limiting the number of annual meetings for parish committees or authorities to 52. According to the law, per diem fees were set at $75 and members of any parish group meeting more than 52 times a year would not be paid.

But the home mortgage authority never adopted the law and Kelly was paid for 109 meetings last year.

Attorneys for the parish and the mortgage authority have disagreed on whether the 1992 law applies to the organization and, more specifically, to Kelly.

Michael Dendy, an attorney for the mortgage authority, said the group is separate from the parish and receives no parish money.

He said only state law and the mortgage authority’s bylaws apply to the organization. And the bylaws, he said, allow for reasonable per diem compensation.

But Debra Miller-Yenni, a parish attorney, said the mortgage authority’s bylaws cannot violate local public laws. So she said the parish ordinance limiting the number of meetings and amount of per diem payments became the controlling law once it was passed last summer.

Miller-Yenni said the only way to settle the issue is to have a judge decide who is right. But the council has not asked her to bring the matter to court.

The only reason the issue has surfaced this week is because of the election, said Parish Councilman Ed Muniz, who appointed Kelly to the mortgage authority.

Kelly said he had twice as many meetings as the other members of the authority because he was chairman and spearheaded an investigation into a 1982 bond issue that involved conversations with bond underwriters, lawyers and other players.

Muniz praised Kelly’s work on the mortgage authority, saying he has changed bond counsels and made other moves to save money.

“It’s just ironic that this hits three days before an election,” he said. “If this (per diem issue) has been on the record for more than a year and has just become an issue in the last week, how can it not be a political move?”


Jefferson Parish Home Mortgage Authority, 1993

Member Meetings Total

Daniel P. Kelly 109 $10,900

Louis Thomas Jr. 53 $5,300

+++++++Frank Fradella 51 $5,100

Eugene J. Orgeron 48 $4,800

Carol S. Rathborne 46 $4,600

Lurry J. Plauche 32 $3,200

William Lazaro Jr. 11 $1,100

Merlin Fayard Jr. 2 $200

Mark Gibson 1 $100

Anthony Thomas 1 $100

Source: Jefferson Parish Home Mortgage Authority”

Anonymous said...

And here we have an appearance by Butch Ward – 5.25.94 TP:


Amid charges of favoritism, a divided Jefferson Parish Home Mortgage Authority this week abruptly replaced its financial adviser and legal counsel with politically connected professionals poised to participate in a proposed $50 million bond issue.

One critic of the change, authority Chairman Dan Kelly, was stripped of his post shortly after members approved the moves by a 4-3 vote Monday.

“This all happened because that’s what four (Parish) Council members wanted to happen,” Kelly said. The authority, which offers mortgages at favorable rates to low- and middle-income, first-time homebuyers, is appointed by the Parish Council.

But Parish Councilman Nick Giambelluca said he also is concerned about the changes made by the authority.

“I’m not at all happy,” Giambelluca said. “We’re going to look into this.”

Kelly, who remains on the authority but is no longer chairman, said he believes some council members are on the attack, partly to punish him for running against Danny Martiny in the 79th District House of Representatives race. Martiny was elected Saturday with the support of most of the parish’s elected officials.

Kelly said he was elected president of the authority by a 7-0 vote about a month ago. He said he was shocked by the decision to oust him.

Other members said they didn’t want to replace Kelly during his House race because that might look like a political jab.

“I think you need new blood and new leadership,” authority member Robert Lambert said in defense of his vote to oust Kelly.

Kelly said he believes some members are trying to funnel bond fees to their political supporters. The authority is drafting plans for a $50 million bond issue this year.

Dillon-Read, the authority’s new financial consultant, is the parish’s financial consultant and contributes heavily to Parish Council members. Dillon-Read, one of four companies that submitted bids to the authority, was the highest bidder, officials said.

M.G. McMahon and Co., of Kansas City, which served as financial consultant to the authority on four previous issues since 1989, submitted a bid that officials said was about 20 percent less than Dillon-Read’s.

Because it’s a professional service, the financial consultant selection is not subject to the state’s public bid law.

At its present bid, Dillon Read would make about $60,000 on the $50 million bond issue, officials project.

+++++++++++Frank Fradella , named chairman to replace Kelly, said McMahon did good work. But he said a majority of the authority members wanted to go with the larger Dillon-Read firm.

“We went with the same people that do work for the parish,” Fradella said. “They seem to be the best.”

He said the authority may negotiate with Dillon-Read for a lower rate.

The authority also decided to hire a legal counsel to replace Michael Dendy, who had served in that post for about two years. Dendy was replaced by Gretna lawyer William Scheffler.

Officials said Dendy, who lives in Orleans Parish, was replaced because he’s not a Jefferson Parish resident. The authority’s attorney is paid $3,100 a month, officials said.

++++++++++++Parish Councilman Butch Ward, who appointed Fradella to the authority, said there’s been talk in parish circles for several months about replacing Dendy with a parish resident.

“Yes, it was strictly a political decision with me,” Ward said. “All things being equal, I want to hire a guy from my neighborhood. I’d be crazy not to.” ”

Anonymous said...

6.12.06 TP: “Anna Mae Quintini White passed away on June 8, 2006. Age 89 years. Beloved wife of the late Clarence Walter White. Loving mother of Mary Ann White Fradella and Kathlyn White. Mother-in-law of +++Frank Fradella and Robert Paul. … She was preceded in death by her parents, Ernest Quintini and ++++Daisy Green Coulon … . Relatives and friends are invited to attend the Funeral Mass at Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral Home … ” This would mean that Frank Fradella of JP was married to a Coulon?

Anonymous said...

Charter Number: 36129391 K
Registration Date: 2/27/2006
Domicile Address
Mailing Address
Status: Active
Annual Report Status: Not In Good Standing for failure to file Annual Report
File Date: 2/27/2006
Last Report Filed: 3/16/2010
Type: Limited Liability Company

++++++++++Registered Agent(s)
Address 1: 356 ST. CHARLES
City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70802
Appointment Date: 2/27/2006

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
Title: Manager
Address 1: 2251 DRUSILLA LANE, SUITE B
City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70809

Title: Member
Address 1: 2251 DRUSILLA LANE, SUITE B
City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70809

Amendments on File (1)

Description Date
Appointing, Change, or Resign of Officer 3/29/2011″


Charter Number: 40108619 K
Registration Date: 1/27/2010
Domicile Address
Mailing Address
Status: Active
Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
File Date: 1/27/2010
Last Report Filed: 5/16/2011
Type: Limited Liability Company

Registered Agent(s)
Address 1: 2251 DRUSILLA LANE
Address 2: SUITE B
City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70809
Appointment Date: 1/27/2010

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
Title: Member
Address 1: 2251 DRUSILLA LANE
Address 2: SUITE B
City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70809″

Anonymous said...

Finally, I love your blog and really, really appreciate all your hard work..... but please think about Wordpress or a format that allows more text to be posted?

The comments might be easier to read too. It just seems like you could get more out of the available technology if you opened it up a little bit.

Many, many thanks.

Anonymous said...

if you'd stop posting the entire contents of every lame article you found from a basic google search, it wouldn't be a problem. you're not a detective.

Anonymous said...

Actually, feel free to post a link to each or any of those - if they existed I would have posted a link. - Thanks.