Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Carry on here....nothing to see...

Schedule a show on veterans and the war.....yeah...that's it.  Everyone will forget.

Ahhh...just saw this:

Robinette to discuss $250,000 loan from River Birch owners on his WWL radio show

Resignation ensuing...I predict.

11:11 - Talking about the decline of the US Post Office, a caller got through and said, "Hi Garland, I think what the Post Office needs is a $250,000 loan with no interest!" Garland, "Alright...he's gone."

Update:  I missed the beginning of the show:

Robinette says he did "absolutely nothing wrong" in accepting loan from River Birch landfill owner

"I can look my wife and my daughter in the eye and tell you the public I have done absolutely nothing wrong," Robinette said."

Sweet Buddha.  If you can do that, G, you're a pathological liar.  This is really unbelievable...it's amazing that WWL isn't firing him even if he refuses to leave.  What he did is the equivalent of a professional athlete or referee accepting money to throw a sporting event.  Pete Rose was banned from the Hall of Fame for placing a bet on his own team....this guy took 250k and not only stumped for the biggest criminal conspiracy in our region, he went to the TP and tried to get them to stump it.

Actually what he did is worse than an athlete throwing a game....a game is just a game.....this is our community...it actually affects our lives.  His responsibility was greater than any athlete's.

WWL is shot...it's useless.  Makes me sick.

UPDATE II:  Slabbed goes gangsta as Entercom stock is in a free-fall, swan dive off the high board.


Anonymous said...

Hubris, thy name is Garland.

See under "St. Pierre."

- Sobieski

Anonymous said...


>>>“Buy a reporter, get a good story,” Wendell says with a wink.<<<

From Wendell Gauthier, influential owner of judges & pols in Orleans and JP, in the in-person interview he gave to a national reporter.

He was serious.

- sobieski

Anonymous said...

Did you see that today's nola.com story on GR's denial has been pulled from the site? Imminent resignation or the usual tricks?

Anonymous said...

There is a poll up on Nola.com asking whether or not Garland should keep his gig: http://blog.nola.com/interact/2011/09/should_garland_robinette_keep.html

NO is currently at 76.57%.

Even discounting the typical crazy and/or racist nola.commenters, that is a significant number.

Anonymous said...

What remains unexplained by Garland is why River Birch records considered him a lobbyist? If it were a personal loan, why should River Birch (the company) even know about it? Obviously, the "loan" was buying something.

bruthas_back said...

i believe garland might be playing for the "untouchables". river birch seems to be plugged in pretty good.

does anyone else find it odd that the owner of river birch was supposed to be the u.s attorney before the current u.s attorney?

Anonymous said...

>>>"The terms of the loan mentioned in the article are contained in a signed note related to a piece of property. That loan is due and will be satisfied in October of this year.<<<


Er, which piece of property is that, Garl?