Monday, September 05, 2011

When all else fails....piss on the messenger

Hit the story on the top right on the video menu.

I somehow missed this story on Thursday.  Zurik was trying to track Bennett down at his apartment in the CBD at the Lengsfeld Lofts.  That's where the security tape came from.  My guess is that Bennett was flexing naked in the mirror when his doorbell rang....but that's just a guess.

And while Bennett filed trespassing charges, let's just take a look at what the law states for trespassing:

F.  The following persons may enter or remain upon immovable property of another, unless specifically forbidden to do so by the owner or other person with authority, either orally or in writing: 
(1)  A professional land surveyor or his authorized personnel, engaged in the "Practice of Land Surveying", as defined in R.S. 37:682. 
(2)  A person, affiliate, employee, agent or contractor of any business which is regulated by the Louisiana Public Service Commission or by a local franchising authority or the Federal Communication Commission under the Cable Reregulation Act of 1992 or of a municipal or public utility, while acting in the course and scope of his employment or agency relating to the operation, repair, or maintenance of a facility, servitude or any property located on the immovable property which belongs to such a business. 
(3)  Any person making a delivery, soliciting, selling any product or service, conducting a survey or poll, a real estate licensee or other person who has a legitimate reason for making a delivery, conducting business or communicating with the owner, lessee, custodian or a resident of the immovable property, and who, immediately upon entry, seeks to make the delivery, to conduct business or to conduct the communication.

So Bennett get's the security tape and has a lackey make an incredibly ineffective not-so-viral video in order to discredit a journalist who's exposing the millions in dollars the guy has ripped off from FEMA and local parishes.  I hope the video lackey took notes from Bennett himself and told him it took 20 hours at $350/hr. to make that stupid-ass video.  

Watching Bennett go down is going to be 1000 times more fun than watching Meffert/St. Pierre.  As big a mouth as Meff had, he was nowhere near as brash and delusional as AB.  

Keep it comin' bro...we're all enjoying the laughs.


Jason Brad Berry said...

BTW...I love that the video title which comes up when you load this video window is "Tracking Lee".

whitmergate said...

Apparently arrogance and greed has made these 'politico thugs' not only stupid, but blind ...

Bennett has a blood hound on his heels and yet he continues to run ...

Like St. Pierre, he'll be skinned soon ...

Anonymous said...

wowie wow wow!!!!!

i still cant belive that wasnt a goof.

question ashe, when you become a zombie and your nose fell off , did you get some crazy glue and slap a bloodhounds nose on your airhole?

looks like you didnt waste your allotment of douchebag cards after all.

but seriously folks. thank you for posting and hosting and filming the tide.

you just posted the one i was looking most forward to.

peace dawg.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- looks like you didnt waste your allotment of douchebag cards after all.

And that means I get all my douchebag cards back to play another day.

I am now, and forever, zombie.

Anonymous said...

hell man you can have my deck of d.b. cards as well.

as john hausman used to say "you earrrrrrrrnnnndd it"

remind me to never get in a poker game with your ass.

zombie's have the ultimate poker face.

now a game of eight ball , ill take my chances. as long as the stakes are friendly.

a beer or a buck a game.

take care my cuzan.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh hell yes on the 8 ball. Bring da' bills....let's go.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully very soon.. that same photographer that followed Zuric thru the door.. will get to fill Bentett's perp walk into federal court :-) Keep up the good work Zombie.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference here between what Mark St. Pierre & crew did to you Dambala and what Aaron Bennett & crew tried to do with Lee Zurik? No difference at all and both will used in the Federal Criminal trial against Bennett & his Boyz.

Do these idiots have lawyers advising them because this just added 2 years on to their sentences.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Bennett's crew also went crazy on Zombie.

They threatened to sue him, they showed up at Rising Tide in sunglasses and folded their arms like Mr. T, they posted on this blog calling themselves a "posse", and if the comments here can be trusted, they also used to show up at Cerasoli's meetings to heckle his efforts to increase the transparency of city business.

Charming people. I hope their full role and their full stake in city corruption comes to light before they have made enough money to keep themselves out of jail pending endless appeals.