Saturday, September 03, 2011

How ugly can it get?

Pretty damn ugly.....

WWL host got $250,000 from owners of River Birch

Hey...I have this great idea for a documentary.....if anyone's interested let me know.

UPDATE:  Go to the authority if you want to learn more.  Also da Yellow Blog.

BTW, while we're on this subject, has anyone else noticed Eric Asher's two week obsession with stumping for the 1031 Canal St. development?  That's been bothering me. 


Anonymous said...

me to.

dude was also was a scrub for billie's berms , robert mendoza, walter basso , and oceania on conti ( see kitchen nightmares on hulu if you wanna see what's up with that).

i always liked the man as a radio host when him and mark clark did their sports show pre-k.

he also really had my ear right after katrina.

ive really wrote him off the last few years as a blowhard and a schwag junkie.

with the new f.m signal you can actually hear him slobber when he talks about all the free booze , food, and tickets to events he cops as a d.j.

i hope he's just a hack with his hand out for some schwag and not some douche bag that needs monetary help with his divorce , his kids tuition , and the mortgage on his new house in mid-city.

all his railing about ethics in state govt. and his never reelect an incumbent mantra vs. his do as i say not as i do b.s. made him unlistenable.

still i hope it was just douchebaggery and nothing bigger. i still have a soft spot for the guy at this point.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Must be nice to own a house in mid-city.

Anonymous said...

nicer to own a house in gentilly brah. no dig on your hood.

we all think our neighborhoods are the best, if we are lucky.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I was just saying, I would like to own a house in mid-city....that's all.

smurph said...

One thing I've picked up while reading your blog is that you rarely "throw something out there" without some semblance of fact. Kinda like chumming the waters.

Clay said...

You know, NOLA has 2 dead-tree papers that aren't half bad, when you consider the market size (Times-Pic and Gambit). Both have flaws, but are well above the national average.

We've got awesome online news (The Lens, great bloggers).

We've got TV stations that, while not perfect, are also good and getting better with intense competition (WWL, Fox8). ABC's local affiliate is the only one that really sucks donkey balls.

BUT, when it comes to radio, New Orleans is ABSOLUTELY BOTTOM OF THE BARREL. There's a reason why I only listen to WWOZ and WTUL. Politics aside, Bob Delgorno is so incredibly stupid I wonder if he was dropped on his head as a baby.

Jason Brad Berry said...

That's about the best assessment I've read. The only person on WWL that I could stand to listen to is Garland and now he's a useless shill.

Delgorno is so narrow-minded and dim I get embarrassed for him. I wonder who's idea it was to put that guy in front of a mic.

Spud is harmless enough and intelligent enough but I've never heard anyone talk so damn much and say absolutely nothing. Say something for Buddha's sake.

Tommy Tucker is hyper-annoying. If you were sitting in a bar and this guy started talking, you would get up and move in short order....once again, putting a mic in front of a guy like that is probably not a great idea.

Believe it or not the only person I've actually liked on WWL was Rob Couhig. I don't agree with his politics but he's no idiot. Taking into account WWL is way right of center, I would at least like to hear intelligent conservative banter on local issues instead of the dingleberries they have on the air now.

If WWL had any good sense they would replace GR with a moderate Dem or even an outright liberal. If they offset their programming instead of enforcing the party line 24/7 it would make for more interesting radio. Plus the lib. host would probably enrage their listeners to the point where they would tune in just so they could argue. Then the rest of the conservative yahoo hosts could make apologies for the black sheep and make themselves look better. It's a win/win.

And need I point out that the whole network is staffed with old, white men?

Come to think of it, I wish they would put Sandra Hester on in place of Garland. 18 Wheeler would be a ratings bonanza.

jeffrey said...

I will say that WIST is making a decent run at becoming a strong alternative to WWL in public affairs and most certainly in sports where Gus Kattengill and Larry Holder's show crushes Bobby Hebert's dumb shouting.

But WWL will always rule the air here by strength of signal alone. It would be nice to see that signal used more wisely, though.

bruthas_back said...

both station's pretty much shill for landrieu. i'll never forget asher and corey johnson's back and forth when landrieu got elected about how maybe it was time for a "white" mayor again. 690's sports coverage kills wwl though. also, i do have to agree with asher on 1031 canal st. that whole section of canal is just sad.

Jason Brad Berry said...

With refrain to comment on the actual merit of the 1031 development, I am still wondering why he has obsessively harped on it for two weeks straight. I question the motivation....there are a lot of other things he could be discussing than this building every damn day for two weeks. In the wake of this GR revelation, I think Asher needs to be asked if he has received any financial compensation or perks from Kalais in any way.

I like Asher but I liked Garland too. Obviously I have been listening to Asher's show a lot recently and it's something I've noticed and has concerned me.

bruthas_back said...

he probably has received something. i always thought that the m.o. for radio stations was to shill for sponsors or potential sponsors. they used to pump up the bourbon house a lot. now it seems like oceana is their favorite( look up tourist trap in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of oceana). seems like this is the AM version of payola.

i understand your point about being a mouthpiece for kalis. but asher imo is small potatoes when it comes to having a hand-out. i think we should be more worried about the pols and "planing" commissioners having their hands out.

Clay said...

I'll agree that Couhig and even Crourere (so long as he isn't telling any of his atrocious jokes) are perfectly good radio-hosts, despite the hard right politics.

Garland Robinette went hard Republican sometime in 2008/2009. Which is odd, because from what I've heard, he used to be an ardent environmentalist and labor union advocate back in the day. Guess he saw more money in the other side?

My dream: in 10 years, Scott Fujita is the #1 talk show host in Louisiana...

Jason Brad Berry said...

You have a point. There is a huge difference between Gordon Russel/Lee Zurik and Garland Robinette/Eric Asher. Well...there is a difference...maybe not so huge.

I think that is the what point does punditry begin and journalism end. What if Stephanie Grace was getting paid? In today's world, what is "yellow journalism"? It's a good question...maybe it's time for a Tulane/Xavier/Loyola Panel discussion.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Isn't Fujita being groomed to take Kucinich's spot? I thought that was one of the main reasons he went to Cleveland.

bruthas_back said...

kucinch is thinking about moving to wash. state to run for congress because his district was redistricted by republicans. i love when people like kucinch, nader, and even ron paul run for pres. because they know they can't win so they can tell you how they really feel.

crouere....LOL.... he still hasn't seen the birth certificate yet!

Anonymous said...

@ clay , "Bob Delgorno is so incredibly stupid I wonder if he was dropped on his head as a baby."

it's a tradition his fam brought over from the old country. they do it every year of your life for good luck on your birthday.

@ ashe "Come to think of it, I wish they would put Sandra Hester on in place of Garland. 18 Wheeler would be a ratings bonanza."

from your lips to gods ears , that would be fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

You have to keep in mind that these guys are glorified disc jockeys. AM radio has nothing to do with journalism.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Well that's certainly one opinion.

Anonymous said...

Clay wrote:
"BUT, when it comes to radio, New Orleans is ABSOLUTELY BOTTOM OF THE BARREL. There's a reason why I only listen to WWOZ and WTUL. "

How can a city with both WWOZ and WTUL be the absolute bottom of the barrel in radio?

Anonymous said...

well Asher just responded to your "suggestion" or question of conflict as to the Canal Street property on his show. he did not mention you or you blog by name, but finished by a resounbding "690 is not for sale!" or something similar.

THEN he had Sheriff Noodles normand on and proceeded to give what was a softball, snowball, kittens in mittens interview that might as well have been a pr promo piece.

In fact every time someone from JP government (Young for instance) comes on they get a super-easy walk in the park interview that very much sounds like a free promo or commercial even rather than ask about any of the tough corruption or conflict of interest issues that arise in JP.

In fact Council Chairman Chris Roberts was given 3 HOURS AS HOST and featured as one of his guests (and this is fact as previously reported in the TP) a convicted drug runner. This was when Roberts was running or getting ready to run as Council Chairman (At Large election).

It's almost hilarious how the irony of featuring his diatribe about your daring to question his integrity juxtaposed with the Robinette situation (WHICH ORIGINATED IN JP) followed by his cake-walk interview with Noodles the chief law enforcement officer for that very parish (who has had payroll fraud and allegations of bribery sashay (sp?) by with nary a peep from his office).