Friday, September 02, 2011

I have a black friend!

Actually, she didn't even say that....she said her father had a black friend.

Clarkson offends crowd with remarks praising ’50s as a golden age, refuses to apologize
“Excuse me, excuse me – no, I’m going to finish,” she said. “I’ve never been treated like this in my lifetime, and I won’t have it.”  
Wow.  She's not gonna have it!  That's just how it's going to be!  "You people" have no right to have an opinion.
“I have defended you,” she said, “I don’t appreciate the treatment.”

 Defended who?  Defended from what?  What does she mean by "you"?

” I’m sorry that there were a handful of people in the crowd that didn’t appreciate what I’ve done for them.” 

Could somebody suggest to her that she may just want to shut the fuck.   Every time she opens her mouth it gets worse...she should stop while she's behind.  The original statement wasn't that egregious, if she wasn't so goddamn indignant she could have just listened to people's grievances and offered an apology and explanation as to what she meant.  Instead, she lambasts "you people" for being upset with the comment.

This woman is so wound up in her own ego she can't imagine that people could be upset with her.

Earth to Planet are not the center of the universe.  You may be a gas giant but we don't revolve around you.    

Ma gavte la nata.  

Ha...I just saw this post from Jeffrey...

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