Thursday, September 01, 2011

No apologies

17.5 years.  Ouch.

Mark St. Pierre is sentenced to 17 1/2 years for City Hall bribery, kickbacks

As he did throughout his trial in May, St. Pierre had a large contingent of family and friends in the courtroom to support him at Thursday's sentencing. His normally stoic wife, Stacey, sobbed quietly when St. Pierre spoke before Fallon and praised her for enduring "ridicule, gossip and innuendo" since May's highly publicized trial.

I'm sure that was, in part, directed at me.  You know, just like him....I make no apologies.

When a reporter noted that she didn't hear St. Pierre apologize for his actions, Letten said "we didn't hear it either." The U.S. Attorney said St. Pierre's lack of contrition once again demonstrates the "arrogance" he'd shown in his dealings with the city and at trial. Letten, who served as lead prosecutor in trial that sent the former governor to prison, added that St. Pierre's attitude was "reminiscent of Edwin Edwards."

Oh yeah....see the blindingly white, bald guy in this pic:

 I know that guy :).

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