Friday, September 30, 2011

Yo homeys

Does anyone know anything about these guys?

Cuz.....I know some things.  If you got 411... let's share.



Anonymous said...

You can't be from New Orleans and not know them. Hale Boggs and Lindy Boggs' son runs this firm. If you are serious and want stroke in DC, you hire them.

Magnifico DF said...

Long time sleazy DC operators. Part of the military industrial complex, fo sho. Giant octupus of the Taibbi genus on the body politic. What do you want to know? Their tentacles have a wide reach.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'm just learning. They're on my radar and I"m trying to learn more about them. I'd like to understand the power structure and the nuance.

The more I learn, the more I understand just how little I know. But I'm a humble man...I just want to learn the history and wrap my head around it.

I get the Ike (military/industrial) reference and the Taibbi reference....I just don't have as much knowledge as you guys. I also know the history of the family.

I would just love to learn more....if anyone wants to sit me down and school me.


Magnifico DF said...

Lots of Saudi money goes to Patton Boggs.

Remember how all those Saudis got to the front of the line in discreetly exiting the USA in the days following 9/11? It's a good bet PB were part of that "solution."

People talk about the "permanent government" and they're surely a big chunk of it.

Look up FARA filings.