Monday, October 31, 2011

Road Trip

Guys, I thank everyone who donated....muchos gracias.

I am out of town for a few days but I'll be back Thursday.

Paz y amor


Anonymous said...

All the baby zombies in my neck of the woods had me hoping that your fishing trip/ family holiday was working out for you.

Paz y amor to your own baby zombies, and to the patient and amazing Mrs. Zombie.

In your absence, your friends over at Slabbed have scooped you on an Aaron Bennett story.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Actually I have him scooped on that one I just haven't filled in the blanks yet. Having said that...I don't mind if SOP scoops my ass out the door as long as we keep shoveling.

Kiss da' babies, drink some wine....I'm back from counting coup.

Anonymous said...

This is fiction, but Zell's part (below) about the stolen cars is interesting.

"Do you know how many cars disappear off of these streets? All the movies and TV shows have people thinking that the snatched vehicles go to chop shops, warehouses under the bridges or in certain neighborhoods, with parts sold there. Sure, there are some small time operations doing that, but the serious business is using the port for export. What my people do with cars is to label the parts, disassemble them, and ship only the like parts together from several vehicles. They end up in Latin America, then as each shipment arrives, the cars are rebuilt. Instant car for sale. Do you think a fucking VIN number means anything in Paraguay?"

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am waiting for this story to get to what happened to the cars.

Now I know why people watch soap operas for years and years. You and your fellow muckraking bloggers are like some hyper-real love child of the old serialized 19th century novels.

Sometimes it even gets meta when you end up in your own stories, sued by Trout Point lodge or insulted and threatened by dekes/ freaks/ greeks.

I love it.