Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Counting Coup

Back from last week's road trip to the great state of Texas.  I successfully slipped into to TX under the cover of night, touched the enemy while he slept and got back to N.O. without a scratch.

Native Americans from the plains region used to have a custom known as counting coup.  Even more courageous than facing an opponent in open battle, if you could "touch" your opponent without his knowledge and get out of it unscathed it was considered an even greater act of bravery.

Last week I earned an eagle feather.

And kicking off this week...a curious combination of news stories here and then this announcement at 4 today.  Could there be a possible connection?  We shall see.


Anonymous said...

There is a beautiful variation on "counting coup." As a custom, it feels as if it must be kin to the one you've described.

Stalking a deer.

You stalk your quarry, but instead of killing her, you endeavor to touch her, very gently.

I know a man who first did this when he was only eleven years old. I trust him and I trust his family. HIs brother's pride and delight in him makes me confident that he did achieve this feat.

(Several books feature this ritual. It shows up in New York, the novel, by Edward Rutherford, and in a children's book I forget the title of; it may be in others, too.)

Stalking a deer honors the deer as well as the skill of the hunter; counting coup suggests a similar deep respect for one's opponent. Brother warriors, equal in valor.

Props to you, Zombie, for your Texas win, whatever it was. The honor you are due for the work you keep doing is clear to me.

I wish that your opponents had the dignity or grace of deer or real warriors.

AnomyousLady said...

Did you get a picture of him cutting his grass in Dallas???? If so, it would be AWESOME.

You could be as good as Zurik at the secretive videotaping. Ha-ha

whitmergate said...

Am I to assume that "HE" didn't fly the coup ?