Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grandmaster Wang does not disappoint

I've been waiting all week for his commentary on the "Brees is a dick" scandal.

We Make the Rules, Pal.

It was worth the wait.

It was all so cute and quirky and hip. A little "edgy" yet wholesome as milk. Real funky but not threatening. Made for great media. A tightly-scripted little melodrama that if you didn't know any better you might have mistaken for an HBO Original Series.
     And the critics raved for some reason.
But it wasn't supposed to get renewed.

That's funny shit.

About half way through it I felt like the "fuck you's" were getting a little a redundant but then I suddenly got this renewed sense of sanctimony and I couldn't get enough fuck you's.  That's great writing.

I think this post should be inscribed in stone and placed outside the Dome.  Or maybe in the press box.  


Anonymous said...


Basically the Saints were supposed to have their little moment in `09 and then go back to being the League's doormat.

This year is supposed to be about the Packers, Rodgers, Pats, Brady, maybe a dose of Cowboys/Romo, the 9ers getting to the NFC Championship, the Steelers, Tebow or some other upstart out of the AFC.

No, we are not going away. Great article.

This run of the Saints is interfering with network themes, NFL HQ dreams, and most importantly: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

davidinno said...

I'm still chuckling about the "headline" that appeared on The Onion the day after our Superbowl win:

"Saints Rise to #3 in NFL Power Rankings"