Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What to do?

Guys...I suspect that some of the avenues for information input to this blog have been hacked or compromised.  I'm telling you this because I do not want anyone to send me information and assume you will remain anonymous.  Until I can figure out what to do about it, or until I can find out what exactly is going on...please do not contact me by email or by the comment section unless it's simple commentary.

If there is anyone out there who can help me find a secure solution for transferring information, I would appreciate the help.  Email me or call me and I'll meet you in person.





Sop811 said...

Sounds like you need some encryption software and a good tech guy.

Check this out.


Unknown said...

Notwithstanding the theoretical problems they've recently had, why not have people send you documents (encrypted, maybe) through dropbox?

Ruth said...

Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold, has patched a serious security weakness in its election tabulation software used in the majority of states, according to a lab that tested the new version and a federal commission that certified it.

The flaw in the tabulation software was discovered by earlier this year, and involved the program’s auditing logs. The logs failed to record significant events occurring on a computer running the software, including the act of someone deleting votes during or after an election. The logs also failed to record who performed an action on the system, and listed some events with the wrong date and timestamps.

Ironically, this sounds very similar to events at City Hall during the Nagin Administration.
CIBER is the same company behind SO MUCH corruption, that its hard to fathom.
Folks, I called the New Orleans Office of Inspector General not to long ago, asking whether they were aware of a Cook County, IL lawsuit filed by Technology Consortium Group aka TCG against CIBER in December 2009for work performed & related solely to NEW ORLEANS CRIME CAMERAS! TCG's lawsuit demanded payment on past due invoices CIBER had refused to pay. The amount = approx $1.7+ MILLION in open/unpaid invoices. CIBER settled before trial commenced.
Go back and read some of the reports that cost NOLA tax-payers MILLIONS to construct, which recommended civil & criminal penalties be pursued against CIBER, TCG, TDC and others.
But so far N O T H I N G.
Email deletions, site hacking, and other malicious acts need to be investigated thoroughly. Start with a few of the above!