Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post: A quick note from your 1st Amendment refugee moderator, Sop at Slabbed New Media

I sincerely appreciate and am profoundly humbled by the outpouring of public support Slabbed New Media has received over the last 24 hours in response to the takedown of Slabbed.Org by two libel tourists connected to former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard.  I am committed to continue covering the unfolding corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish via Slabbed.org. Along those lines we are actively working to bring the investigative blog back online, fully shielded from that specious Canadian defamation judgment pending resolution of Slabbed New Media’s Declaratory Action against Trout Point Lodge, Limited, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi under the SPEEH Act of 2010.

Please bear with us while we execute our plan and I look forward to seeing everyone back home on Slabbed.Org very soon.

Doug Handshoe aka Sop81_1
Slabbed New Media LLC

My thanks to all for your support.

Doug Handshoe
Slabbed New Media LLC
Post Office Box 788
Wiggins, MS 39577

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Anonymous said...

I tired to sign up at the new slabbed, only to discover that it was down. Others who may or may not know about this blog may be in the same position. Love and support to you, man.