Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The evidence continues to mount

In spite of the enormous cover up BP has orchestrated with the help or our own government to hide the catastrophic effects of the Macondo spill, in spite of the bought and paid for scientists, in spite of the bought and paid for media outlets, in spite of the bullshit propaganda campaigns launched by our own state funded tourism entities using BP money.....the truth is surfacing.  Thanks to citizens along the Gulf Coast who are vigilantly recording the carnage and reporting it online.

Here are some articles that have come out just within the last couple of weeks:

Spike in Dead Sea Turtles on Mississippi Beaches Concerns Scientists and Residents

Corexit Dispersant THE TRUTH

New Study Says FDA Underestimated Seafood Contamination Risk AFter BP Oil Spill

Dolphins in Barataria Bay are severely ill, NOAA says

And most importantly:

Oil from BP disaster contaminated ocean food chain research confirms

Here are some pictures from people on the front lines recording the disaster:

This set is from Charles Taylor of Waveland, MS all taken last week.:

This next set is from Mac MacKenzie shot (I think) around Grand Isle:

But more importantly, Mac sent me this video that came from a class the Environmental Education Network held for teachers along the Gulf of Mexico.  Listen to what Dr. Mark S. Woodrey tells the class of educators:

Yes...you've said a mouthful,  Dr. Woodrey.  


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Zombie, there is something weird with the way the site is previewing comments. The preveiw box covers up the capcha thing where you type in the letters to prove you're not a robot.

So posts do not get through.

Maybe this one will.

But I got nothing. The indignation and rage got all burned out, and all I'm left with is sad. Funeral sad. I am so sorry for everyone.

We are adults, and on some level we're feeling it that we are not able to be good stewards of places we love. Rage at BP, hate Tony Hayward, but God, does it ever suck to grow up and to still feel as powerless as a child.

That impotent, failing, sorrowful feeling, and the guilt, it is hard to live with.