Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What planet am I on?

When questioning the integrity of Jim Letten and his staff at the Office of the U.S. Attorney....defer to Cedric "C-Note" Richmond?

Perricone postings and the impact on the fight for justice

"I think it's done tremendous damage and I think that to have a U.S. Attorney who is hiding behind fictitious names, running off at the mouth saying a lot of irresponsible and reckless things, it really hampers the citizens trust in the department and I'm not sure that just his resignation is enough to restore that confidence."

 And what would you propose, oh paragon of integrity?  Let me guess...Letten's resignation?  Dropping the investigations against Nagin and Heebe?

It appears that Nagin is back in the favor of his shadow government.

In case you don't understand what is going on, what we're witnessing is a smear campaign against Letten fueled by King Cobra Heebe's vast wealth and influence.  What you should watch for...and nuance is everything....is exactly which MSM resources, media pundits, and politicians fall in line with said campaign.  Watch all of them closely...listen to every word they say...read between the lines.

The majority of the public will only read headlines, they will only listen to the lip service of assholes like C-note....and if the chorus of assholes grows people will begin to believe the message.  Don't be one of those sheeple.  If you watch closely how this drama unfolds the blinders will be lifted from your eyes.  The recoil from this salvo by Team Heebe may very well expose the dirty underbelly of power and politics in this city.

Now more than ever....pay close attention.             


Anonymous said...

Never truer words written. Most def. Scary, creepy shit, this.

Eli said...

I think you're oversimplifying things by suggesting that everything that calls into question the credibility of Letten and the US Attorney's office should be dismissed as unimportant or originating from Heebe and his cronies.

1. Aren't you worried that all of the investigations they're building or have already built are no longer worth as much as they once were?

For instance, what is going to happen at Bill Jefferson's appeal?

Doesn't Nagin's eventual defense strategy look so much stronger than it did three weeks ago?

2. What of other really important US Attny priorities like the negotiation of the receivership agreement with the NOPD? Does that remain on target now?

I mean, has damage not been done here? Is a damaged Letten automatically better for New Orleans than a new US Attny? I'm worried that there's going to be more to this story that hurts JL and erodes his ability to do the things that we need his office to do.

I think this is as terrible a moment for people against white collar corruption and for police reorganization as we've had in a few years.

I worry that a lot of people are going to get off too easy and a lot of progress is going to get delayed. And that sad prospect may be the case whether Letten can hold on as US Attny or not. I think we're effed in either scenario because of this guy Perricone.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Where did I say anything threatening or questioning Letten's credibility shoud be dismissed? I said Heebe and cronies are launching an all out smear campaign against him and his office.

Anonymous said...


I'll just point out that the Bill Jefferson prosecution was handled by the feds in DC or Northern Virginia(?). This should not impact that prosecution in the slightest.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Typing from phone, sorry for that sentence.

bruthas_back said...

Perriconne may have saved Nagin from Prosecution.............

Eli said...

Yeah that's right about the Jefferson trial.

And yeah I guess you didn't suggest that the criticism was unimportant.

I'm just really bummed about this turn of events and I think that this really compounds the problems we've got with the entire criminal justice establishment.

Jason Brad Berry said...

It's not going to save Nagin. No way. It's not going to save Heebe. No way.

If the best cheerleader they can come up with to call for a witch hunt is C-note....they don't have a chance.

Also, ask yourself this...what is C-note's motivation? That is a really important question.

Patricia Fournet said...

You MUST be on URANUS...If you haven't been in new orleans for katrina & bp OIL SPILL...WANNa talk about JPARISH corruption...the only SMEAR in in LETTEN'S PANTIES! Gawd...Are you guys MARTIANS?

M Styborski said...

The spin these days is that Letten can't control his staff and it's utter bullshit.

Is Tom Benson being forced to sell the Saints because of the recent bounty scandal? Roger Goodell is the ultimate authority in the NFL and the scandal happened on his watch… where is his resignation? Does the president resign every time a senator gets caught in a graft or sex scandal? Are Serpas and Normand expected to resign every time a cop transgresses?

To blame Perricone's actions on Letten is the utmost in spin and stupidity, but there are those whose interests lie in Letten's downfall. (Someone who got wallflowered for the very seat JL sits in perhaps?)

BTW, I have it on good authority that Jeremy Shockey is the Perricone snitch…!

Jason Brad Berry said...

And that sir...is the comment bump of the century.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Lay off the meth, Patricia....it's bad news.

vinyledge said...

WEAK response from a supposed compatriot. JIM LETTEN has been here since 9/11...through 3 DISASTERS...& WHY don't you hold him accountable?
Are you on DRUGS?....What is this?...11th grade? That is as shallow as disparaging someone because of mispelling or TYPING ALL IN CAPS.


vinyledge said...

I tell you what MR. MAN...Let us meet & have this out face to face. You owe me an APOLOGY for the METH COMMENT & I WANT IT.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I have no idea what you are talking about, Patricia. Jim Letten is to blame for something with 9-11? WTF? What are you ranting about?

vinyledge said...

I am telling you that HE has been the US ATTORNEY FOR about 15 years...NOW...HOW THE FUCK Can you gripe about political corruption & omit the US ATTORNEY for THAT DISTRICT UNACCOUNTABLE...as per Jeannette Maier...IT was Sal Perricone &
Gaynell Williams I(from lake charles) who were assigned the Canal street CASE...WHERE Judge LEMELLE Charged A boat with a felony & fined it 80.000 dollars...SMEAR CAMPAIGN?...HAD perricone been LYING
Your point may have validity. do your hoimework & claiming I am doing METH...is a vile & STUPID COMMENT...,.GOT IT

Jason Brad Berry said...

In case you haven't noticed there have been more indictements in the past 15 years in his region than all the other regions combined.

I do not think you do meth...that was a joke. If I offended your sensibilities I apologize.

That does not change the fact that I think your comments are borderline delusional and incoherent.

vinyledge said...

Jim LETTEN Took up the Maier 9/11 investigation which began when a prostitute in florida gave info to the police about the plan w/911 (she had been told by a man she knew who was in on it somehow)...instead of investigating THAT,,,,They began an investigation into PROSTITUTION....Ask your BUDDY JIM LETTEN what he was up to on 9/11?

vinyledge said...

I think you are an undercover covert pig & I ain't near done with you yet. Apology NOT accepted.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh yeah..you got me...I'm the Po Po.

I have no idea what you're talking about. 9/11 + prostitution = Jim Letten? You're throwing out random references expecting me to understand what the hell you are talking about?

Jim Letten is not my buddy...I do not talk to Jim Letten nor do I have his calendar from 2001. Instead of asking me to try and figure out what's bouncing around in your head, why don't you simply state it?

Do you realize you sound completely insane?

Anonymous said...

me thinks vineyledge/patricia is a troll of major proportions. or a psychopath. whatever...

M Styborski said...

Wow. Never a dull moment here!

Did you know that Jim Letten was adopted by Hoover and Clyde Tolson in a secret Masonic ceremony.

"Letten" is a reverse code, slightly mis-spelled, for "nettle" and the Hoover/Tolson partnership "nettled" the powers that be back in the 50's, so they gave Jim that surname as sort of an in-joke.

BTW, has anyone ever seen Letten's birth certificate? I hear that he was a Honduran orphan and was a test subject in the CIA's Super Soldier program. (Why else do you think he's seven feet tall?) When the program was scuttled the kids were all distributed to highly placed families in the Bilderburg Group.

No one's gonna out-crazy ME, baby!! 9/11 prostitutes, indeed!


Jason Brad Berry said...

No one can touch you on bat shit, man. Thank you for that.