Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I would love to interview Mark St. Pierre right about now

Jim Bridger, former Public Belt RR exec, sentenced to 2 years of probation

These teaches me one lesson....crime pays in New Orleans.

Want to me to prove it again?  Did any of you happen to catch the story about the new $710k Hano contract given out to a company called "Junkaroos & Moveroos" to redevelop the Iberville projects?

Housing Authority to approve four Iberville-related items

Guess who owns Junkaroos and Moveroos?  None other than Jefferson Parish City Council member, Byron Lee!  You know Byron, C-note Richmond's good bud and author of the con-profit known as the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation.

Get this...Hano awarded the Iberville bid to the newly formed Junkaroos & Moveroos giving them a near perfect score in the bidding process supposedly based on previous performance.  Byron's sterling reputation must have overwhelmed the Hano assessors.

Oh...only one thing.  I'm curious if those gobsmacked assessors took the time to go to the Secretary of State's website and actually make sure Junkaroos & Moveroos was a registered company....because I did...and guess what I found...

I took this screen shot just yesterday....seems Byron's J & M wasn't even in good standing with the SOS when he landed that near perfect score and won the bid.  That's a pretty neat trick, Byron.

Of must have paid up as he is now in good standing.

Can't wait to see how that Iberville project turns out.

Oh...there's more coming on the crime pays in NOLA front.  This one will really blow you away and probably make Mark St. Pierre bust out of jail just to strangle someone.

Hang tight...coming soon....


Anonymous said...

HANO Approved Vendors list

Anonymous said...

Here's another article on a Byron Lee front company doing great work for the taxpayers of the region...

Landfill, "affordable" housing, it doesn't matter the job - the quality is all the same.

Anonymous said...

LA R S 33:2740.3. The Downtown Development District of the City of New Orleans; creation, composition, and powers; preparation of plans; levy of ad valorem taxes and issuance of bonds
A. There shall be, and there hereby is, created a special taxing district within the city of New Orleans comprised of all the territory within the following prescribed boundaries: The point of beginning shall be at the intersection of the east bank of the Mississippi River and the Mississippi River Bridge approaches and Pontchartrain Expressway: thence continuing along the upper line of the Pontchartrain Expressway right-of-way less and except ramp areas, and in a northwesterly direction to the lake side right-of-way line of Claiborne Avenue; thence northeasterly along the lake side of said right-of-way line of Claiborne Avenue to the lower right-of-way line of Iberville Street; thence along the said lower right-of-way line of Iberville Street to the east bank of the Mississippi River; thence continuing along the east bank of said river to the upper right-of-way line of the Mississippi River Bridge approaches and Pontchartrain Expressway, being the point of beginning.
The said special taxing district shall be known as, and is hereby designated The Downtown Development District of the City of New Orleans hereinafter in this Section referred to as the district, said creation to be effective January 1, 1975.

Cal. No. 26,934 and 26,946 (March 2008) An ordinance authorizing the Mayor of the City of New Orleans to enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Downtown Development District (DDD), represented by Kurt Weigle, President and CEO, relative to the performance of certain inspection functions and related administrative hearing actions within the boundaries of the DDD as set forth in LA R. S. 33:2740.3, all as more fully set forth in the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement attached hereto and made a part hereof; and otherwise to provide with respect hereto.