Wednesday, April 04, 2012

This is now war...

Let's get something straight.  These insanely racist, prejudiced, hateful bills being pushed through the Louisiana state legislature are coming from one place.....the Louisiana Family Forum and its president, Gene Mills.

DuBos: Pro-segregation bill is wrong for state


I've been trying to sound the alarm on these assholes for years but no one seems to care besides Lamar and Zack Kopplin.  Lamar has already pointed out that this entity which enjoys non-profit status is diverting money and resources from their organization to lobby state legislators.  In fact, I have been told by more than one state legislator that Mills, Richey and the LFF are considered to be one of the most powerful lobbying entities in the state, resorting to strong arm tactics and threats in order to push their hateful agenda into law.

A.G. Crowe is nothing more than Mills' puppet bitch...the same puppet bitch who introduced the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA).

Clancy is exactly right to call out both Mills and Jindal....this bill is so preposterous it's going to put Jindal's balls in a vice.  If he is stupid enough to get behind Mills on this...and man I hope he's not only going to draw international attention to the state, it will effectively destroy his political career.  And I got news for him, silence is not an option either.   If he doesn't vocalize his condemnation for this bill and the LFF, he is going to look like the biggest douchebag in the national political arena....don't think for one second this bill is not going to draw national attention to our fucksnu'd state.

Thanks A.G.!!!  Dance on little on to the organ grinder's tune.

As for the organ grinder himself, his arrogance and hatred apparently knows no bounds.  I've been banging the drum on this asshole for's time to quit drumming and start marching.  I'm going after these bastards.  If they're going to start attacking children with their hate, it's time to go to war.  


Ed said...

AZ, thanks for raising this issue. This is unbelievable.

Ricardo said...

This is a very timely post, Jason. As I was driving back from the epicenter of the Redneck Riviera yesterday- Great Point Clear, AL, NPR was raising the specter of the Republican Vice Presidential sweepstakes. PBJ was list in the field but not a front runner.