Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sorry I've been sloth-like with the video clips from the committee meeting but I had the hamsters running full time on the computer wheels to pump out some "real world work" stuff I had to finish to feed da' babies.

This next video is a crucial moment in the committee meeting...more than one moment actually.  Watch this vid and listen to Andy Kopplin's comments right out of the gate about the amendment to "sunset" the HoZone in ten years:

I've heard the rhetoric from the "stakeholders" all through the process of getting this bill to the floor and I can't tell you how many times I've heard the threat "non-starter" thrown out by "the swinging dicks".

Well...I think we're about to find out the true nature of the authors of this bill.

Were they really trying to help the city and rebuild its infrastructure?

Or were they just launching a massive power grab?

If the bill goes through as is...it would be a boon for the city....methinks.

If it was a farce from the beginning...I think we'll see...

We'll know shortly.


Anonymous said...

...And here it is...


Gee, big surprise. Like a turd in the punch-bowl.

Anonymous said...

looks like the industry support for the bill is pulling out:


"...but [Senator] Peterson's amendment took a significant portion of the funds away from the marketing groups and redirected it to other groups.

The hospitality industry, once big supporters of the new taxing district, said they were blind-sided by the amendment..."

(i hope WWLTV isnt trying to slant this as big bad Peterson taking the toys away from the poor industry)

but whats interesting is, if true -- why would industry pull support? surely some money (20% each to CVB and NOTMC) is better than no money? could they instead be regrouping for another line of attack?