Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"They (amendments)" killed "our" bill...

Plans for proposed Hospitality Zone shelved

This quote from Melvin Rodrigue pretty much sums up the arrogance of the "stakeholders" who were pushing the HoZone and refused to compromise for the betterment of the city:

Melvin Rodrigue, the chairman of the Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Convention Center, said new amendments killed the initiative.
"While we are disappointed in the new amendments to our bill, and it is true that they have effectively killed this very important marketing and infrastructure initiative for the time-being, and have undermined the rationale for our Convention Center's plans for an immediate $30 million injection into French Quarter infrastructure, our board will remain open to finding other ways it can partner with the Mayor and political leaders to improve our city and its role in the very competitive travel industry,” he said. “Our board is committed to that future partnership."
The amendments did not kill anything.  The tourism officials killed this bill, not the amendments.  It's funny that he thinks the bill is "theirs".  Broad sweeping legislation that affects every person in this city in not "theirs".  It is everyone's.  It's called democracy and it worked exactly as it should in this case.  If they want to create a banana republic they should move farther into the Caribbean.  

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Anonymous said...

I think the last line of the article is instructive as to what the real issue was the whole time - Landrieu said the argument that more of the new tax revenue should go to infrastructure improvements than marketing is "penny-wise and pound-foolish ... because marketing is actually the thing that actually produces more tax revenue for infrastructure."

What really are the mayor's priorities?