Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zombie HoZone

It's back and headed to the floor this afternoon.

If they manage to strip the amendments off the bill and push it through....well....I will have a new mission statement in life.


lunanola said...

This is what I know to be factual as of this moment...

IF (and that's a big IF) the version of LA SB 767 that was posted to the LA Legislative website at some point this afternoon/evening is, in fact, the very most current, then the amendments written into the bill by Karen Carter Peterson REMAIN INTACT.

What happened yesterday (even amidst media reports of the bill being "dead"?) and today (from the "History" section of the LA Legislature's website):

5/22/12: Read by title. Ordered engrossed and passed to third reading and final passage.

5/23/12: Read by title and returned to the Calendar, subject to call.

This is what is available on the website as "Engrossed":

These are proposed Amendments (not appearing in the "Engrossed" version) and initially appear to be essentially minor/cosmetic (fussing over language -- I can't confirm this until I've written them in on the "Engrossed" version, however): -- these amendments do not appear in the "Engrossed" version.

It does NOT appear that Sen. Peterson's changes have been stripped -- assuming that this is the most current version.

Why Sen. Murray appears to be moving forward with this despite the withdrawal of support from the "The New Orleans Hospitality Coalition PAC" is a mystery to me -- but keep in mind it can still be amended, even on the House floor... I watched that happen (via the website) with other bills several times in the late afternoon today.

lunanola said...

For the record, this is the information I was working from this afternoon (before the "Engrossed" version and the "Amendments" I've noted were posted to the Legislature's website):

"We have just been told that proponents of the original Hospitality and Entertainment Taxing Zone bill are trying to strip Sen. Karen Carter Peterson's reasonable and widely-supported amendments right now."

Apologies for any confusion.