Friday, June 29, 2012

Reading suggestion

My good bud and fellow filmmaker on Left Behind, Dr. Vince Morelli, recently told me to pick up Lawrence Lessig's new book, Republic Lost.

Here's a lecture he gave on the topic...a sampling of what the book has to offer:

In many ways this book speaks volumes about the topics AZ covers on a hyper-local basis.  The New Orleans arena is smaller but the themes and principles are the same.  I'd highly recommend picking up the book (this is not a paid endorsement...I wish it was though).

You can get it from one of our great local bookstores:

Octavia Books
Maple Street Book Shop 

I'm sure I'll get yelled out for leaving someone out but you can always buy an ad.


Anonymous said...

Very good read. Its actually quite depressing. I've never had any delusions about the US Congress but this book really convinced me that there is really no hope for that body if things don't drastically change.

Anonymous said...

Could you handle it if I sent this to every member of Congress and the State Legislature?

It is outstanding and directly targeted to the Bull$Eye$ of the problems.

Jason Brad Berry said...

The book? That would be great but I don't think most of them read. :)

The link...yeah...please do.