Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A simple way you can help make a difference

While looking into this whole Bajoie con-profit scheme, I am reminded once again of an annoying limitation of the Louisiana Secretary of State's Corporation Database search engine.  You cannot search corporations by address.  What the heck?  Why not?  I know it's not a technical limitation, it's simply an added search field.

I would like to ask everyone who reads this blog to please take a quick moment to email Tom Schedler and request that the database add physical addresses to their search engine options.  Bombard him with emails requesting this service.

Here's email address:  admin@sos.la.gov

If you want to call here is info:

Secretary of State Tom Schedler
8585 Archives Ave.
225.922.2003 fax

Slabbed nation....please pitch in as well.

Thanks guys and gals...and thank you K for the donation!


Anonymous said...

Who needs an address search? I don't understand.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anyone trying to find businesses by physical location. In this case, if a property is owned by a corporation or individual, you should be able to run a search on the property in the Corp. database to see how many businesses are located in that physical address, i.e. 2020 Jackson Ave.

I have found over 7 non-profits located in a single 500 x 700 sq. foot derelict building on St. Claude Ave. when I was originally researching con-profits but I had to look up each non-profit and match the address which takes a shitload of time and effort.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Quite often con-profits are defined by real estate shenanigans. If you can start the search with real estate that helps tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Also encourage Tom to publish the corporation amendments to spy changes in officers or ownership of corporations without charges or having to travel to BR to physically view the amendments

Anonymous said...

This one of the best requests ever on American Zombie. Schedler needs to listen to the public and implement these changes as other states have already done this and the cost is free since you have IT people on staff over there in BR.

Judy Thorne said...

emailed and cc'd you.

Anonymous said...

Jason, what's the St. Claude address you speak of?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'll post it in short order. It ties right back into another politician.