Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ghosts in the machine?

Last week I was conducting some searches on the Louisiana SOS corporation database.  I was looking for companies and nonprofits registered to Bajoie family members, specifically Olander (Orlando....or whatever name he's going by today).

Some really weird shit started happening.  I thought I might be having an LSD flashback for a second so I decided to conduct a screen capture on what I was this:

NOTE - Try blowing the video up full screen 

American Zombie: SOS database malfunctioning? from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

When I first clicked on the companies listed under Olander's name I got screens showing that the accountant Charles Webb was the only listed registered agent or officer.  Every company/nonprofit showed Webb as the only registered agent/officer.  When I went back and refreshed the database, conducted another search in the "last name" field for "Bajoie", the same companies came up but this time the registered agents were different names.

Weird, huh?  I wonder if there are duplicate records in the sql database and the queries are randomly pulling one record or another.  Is that even possible?

I'm not implying conspiracy here I'm just curious why the database had different records for the exact same company.


Anonymous said...

The FBI and the DOJ would like to thank you for showing us how it's done the easy way.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work

Anonymous said...

The reporters at City Business believe that a federal indictment is immenient against Diana Bajoie and others now. Metro Crime Commission has been on top of this as well since it came out.

New Orleans City Business hits another HOME RUN story this time on Diana and Bajoie-Ford/Southern University of New Orleans.

If this doesn't call for the merger of UNO and SUNO then nothing will.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans City Business keeps the heat on Bajoie. This story isn't going away quietly like Mitch had hoped.