Monday, July 02, 2012

In case you're wondering about the Newhouse opinion on blogs

When this article was first published on got over 300 comments within 48 hours until it was kicked out of the "most commented" section.  Most of those comments were overwhelmingly supportive of AZ.  After the Newhouse switch, it now has only 2 comments and you can read the two opinions they kept for yourself and get an idea of the message they'd like to send to you about Molly Reid's story.

Here's a question for you, "Is deleting 298 comments on a story considered yellow journalism?".

Chew on that one for a while and I'll get back to being a pox on investigative journalism in the city.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I think that taking the paper that is the #1 source of investigative journalism in New Orleans and turning it into an AP entertainment wire feed perhaps represents a bigger pox on local investigative journalism.

Anonymous said...

Which is why you will see even more "retained" journalists leave the Times Pic by the end of the year. What the retained journalists and the other media haven't discussed yet is the 2nd round of layoffs that Advance Media/NOLA/Newhouse plans to announce at the end of the year. The good journalists are staying until they can go elsewhere. Cindy Chang, Mark Schfielstein, etc are gone as soon as the first opportunity presents itself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just a glitch, but it appears the comments have disappeared here, too:

Vamplestat said...

I've been on the forums of since the beginning and as time has passed it has become more and more censored to the point that conversations are no longer viable. The media is now owned by a handful of media giants who elect politicians and policy for the people of this country. I believe the paper cannot support itself, just the number of ads prove this out. This country is falling faster than Granny's tits, It's easy to see what is happening here as no one can be trusted, not companies, governments, Politicians, and especially not the news media. It's all for one.