Friday, August 10, 2012

You couldn't make this shit up

Really...this city just keeps getting more surreal by the day.

What's next?  Susan Guidry is running a meth lab out in Lakeview?  (That is a joke...don't sue me)

By the way...if you haven't read Slabbed in the past few weeks, block out an hour and go over there. It's off the chart.  Doug is a fearless man.

As Jerry Caeser (Dabney Coleman) said in Dragnet....."That boy's got balls as big as church bells."


Anonymous said...

That is a weird fucking story. I don't know what to make of it. Somebody seems to be up to something, but I don't know if it is the man accused, or the people accusing him.

One thing I didn't understand: how is it possible to have a warrant outstanding for something that big and not know about it?

The man had a very public job. If the people issuing the warrant wanted to find him, presumably they could have done so easily.

I'm not a fan or friend of his, but it creeps me out to think that it is possible to be in trouble that deep and no one has to inform you that you are in trouble.

Maybe he knew?

Or are things so disorganized that it is possible to go for years under that kind of cloud without having a chance to address the matter if you are innocent? If they thought he'd done something wrong, why was that never an issue, oh, say, during election campaigns or the vetting process for them?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, slabbed is an interesting read right now.

The mind boggles. If even a little bit of the stuff they are saying is for real, holy fuck.

If it isn't, damn, are they ever in trouble. Can you print things like this if there is any doubt that it is real? Wouldn't you be facing libel suits and other shit like that?

If it is, it sounds like half the parish establishment should be arrested. I have no idea what to make of it all.

I'd missed the stories about the Hitler Salute guy the first time around. That wasn't the main story, but in the body of the text there were links to older posts and to news stories that had been properly sourced and attributed.

A friend who is from out of state had a really bad experience with some Kenner people making truly sick comments about murdering Jews, and the sick fucks did the whole "We're not bad people, you can't take a joke, we have free speech, why do you hate America?" routine in response to being called on their shit.

It was pretty horrifying, especially for someone getting that as a first exposure to the culture of Louisiana. I felt really bad about it. These were professional people who seem at first glance normal, but whoa, what they thought of as "funny" was some sick shit.

This aspect of the slabbed posts, and the stuff there about the social activities that glorified the mafia, reminded me of when you had the story about Georges' fraternity and their racist rituals.

The notion that these guys who think and act this way are just goofing around isn't cutting it for me, especially not this week after that nut shot up the Sikh religious place in Wisconsin. (I can't spell the word that is what they call their temple or church.)

The MSM coverage of the underbelly of those music groups and other hate groups leaves me feeling like I need a shower and some kind of brain bleach. I wish it was possible to go back to before I knew about them.

Harper's magazine, the most recent edition, also mentioned the case of a Native American man from North Dakota who is blind, and who sued when he found out that the people who stitched him up after a surgery had done it so that the scarification would leave him with "KKK" on his body forever.

What the fuck? Were those people doctors? Jesus, that was disturbing.

Is it just me, or is this shit on the rise and out in the open more so than in the recent past? What the fuck is wrong with people?

The losers like the Oak Park shooter guy are bad enough, but they are losers. Discharged from the army, not really employable, obviously fringe elements. But medical staff (North Dakota) and the political and professional class described in the slabbed post and linked stories... how much of this shit is out there?

bruthas_back said...

The jon johnson story sounds like bullshit to me.

the local media loves to kick high profile blacks when their down. im sure it has to be great for their ratings.

bruthas_back said...

story sounds like bullshit to me.

the local media will never miss a chance to kick a high profile black when their down. im sure it's great for ratings.

bruthas_back said...

story sounds like bullshit to me.

the local media loves to kick a high profile black when their down.
im sure its great for ratings.

sop81_1 said...

It keeps the spotlight off the white guys that own the local media Bruthas.

I understand B.H. Miller's black book had some interesting stuff about Ashton Phelps Sr. Good thing maybe that Jr is now outta there. I'll add I am pumped about Ricky Mathews and the untapped potential of

And now we have yesterday's bombshell. Anon they know they can ttouch properly sourced journalism in a US court so they forum shopped a defamation suit against me to Canada in a SLAPP tactic known as libel tourism. Jones Walker is their US based enabler and yes they too have a connection to the JP cesspool. I'd say more but it would make my lawyer unhappy.

Thank you for the plug Jason.