Wednesday, October 03, 2012

And they're out of the gate...

Let the pissing begin!

John Young introduced to Advocate's New Orleans readers

Young evidently liked the piece. He tweeted it twice, and the parish's official Twitter feed also distributed it.
Ya killin' me dawg...ya killin' me....

I have to admit, they have every right to call them out on this.  If this is the brand of "journalism" The Advocate is bringing to New Orleans they should pack it up and take it back to Red Stick.  


Jason Brad Berry said...

Wait....what are you talking about?!? David Vitter wrote a letter to Newhouse that said the Manship family was going to hand them New Orleans' media market to them on a platter. You mean that's not happening?

Oh dear...I'm so confused.

I jest...I jest.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I butchered that.


Yeah....this is what the Advocate leads with?


"Meet Mr. Young...what a respectable man!"

I can't wait to see how the TP responds in Baton Rouge.

Everybody is freaking out about this shake up in the New Orleans media market but I swear to Buddha I think this is the best thing that could happen to this state, Louisiana, as a whole.

I know no one in New Orleans wants to hear this but all I see is potential. I just see doors opening.

I just wish the warriors...the talented ones...would pick themselves up by the bootstraps right now and forge their own path.

Let those who leave....leave. Let those who wallow in pity....wallow.

For the warriors...let's rock this house.

Anonymous said...

The uncertainty in the media market is good and the Advocate will quickly realize that they need to add investigative reporting or their entry into this marketplace will be for naught. Conversely, if the Times Pic starts doing investigative stories in Baton Rouge it will pick up major market share against the Advocate who have let the rats roam freely around.

Baton Rouge readers have begged for good investigative journalism in the Capital City and now we have a fight for eyeballs on our hands which will pit traditional media, new traditional media, tv online media, and alternative news media sources all together to out scoop the other.

If the owners of the tv media sites were smart they would create one joint online website for all the news across the state. NBC Louisiana, Fox News Louisiana, etc. similiar to what is done in other media markets such as Northwest News.

The Times Picayune/States Item fights were legendary well now we have the next generation of media wars taking place but this time they are fighting over who wins the local internet news journalism war but the problem for both NOLA & the Advocate is that the online war has much more competition.

The New Orleans elite have only themselves to blame for the demise of the local print media because had they been active on issues that were important to the region they would have helped fight for good government and for a better business and educational climate. Instead they stuck their heads into the Times Picayune's society pages and sending their kids to Jesuit while the city, state, & region burned around them. Businesses left and continue to leave, their kids left, and now their newspaper left because they sat around and looked at their names in the society section while rome burned around them.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, anon at 11:42, but what the fuck are you talking about? Newhouse took a profitable paper and cut the newsroom staff in half because... people uptown read the society section and send their kids to Jesuit? What the hell kind of sense does that make?

Anonymous said...

The point was people were too busy reading about superficial issues while real issues were ignored. The real issues caused businesses to move out of the area. You lose businesses and you lose advertisers. The TP was a profitable enterprise until the 1st quarter of 2012 when its revenues shrunk by more than 50%.

People don't give a fuck about the educational system, government corruption, dysfunctional bureaucracy, and abject poverty in New Orleans they only cared about the superficial shit which is why the city continues to decline.

50 years ago New Orleans was bigger than Houston, Dallas, & Atlanta. We have fallen so low that now we are being compared to Mobile.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:41 - so, do you have any data to back up your assertions, or do you just make it up as you go?

i know a lot of people give a fuck about education, corruption, and poverty. and we dont read the society section.

sorry but blaming the victim isnt going to work, here.