Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The tolls continue...

...the community gets screwed once again.

This whole thing has really pissed me off.  I'm mad at myself for not writing about the CCCD before this vote came up but perhaps I can rectify it to some degree.

Standby, data dump is on it's way.  If nothing else, at least I can make some people squirm.


brophy said...

no doubt.....SO pissed, but what did we really expect out of this?
Why did it even come to a vote? That might be the thing to be most pissed about.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has a phrase he uses, "paper warriors," to describe people who fight their pissy little contests for power primarily using bureaucratic mechanisms, the more faceless and amorphous the better.

English is not his first language. He came to America as a refugee from a Soviet country, and he grew up during a very Soviet-y phase of that country's life.

I don't know if "paper warriors" is a translation of a phrase that sounds better in the original.

He has often laughed about how the skill sets he needed to cope with life in a culture of official rhetoric about equality, justice, and "comrade-ship", that was in truth an extremely status consciousness society, miserable, corrupt, and full of never ending paperwork that could make or break your whole life, serve him well no matter where he goes.

When asked to talk about his poltics or religious beliefs, something we all do quite openly, he, raised in a culture of extreme paranoia and caution, makes a joke of it.

"I have no enemies, but I watch out for the paperwarriors every where I go. They are like evil ninjas."

brophy's question, "why did it even come to a vote?" made me think of this friend, and I heard his voice in my imagination, shaking his head about the mad skills of the "paperwarriors" who work in the shadows of all organized endeavors in all nations.

Charlotte said...

I've been appalled by people I know IRL who believed keeping the tolls was the right thing to do.
It should never have come to a vote, as brophy said. The tolls should have expired as we were assured they would after the last extension. This is an unfair tax forced on a minority of the people of the metro area by thousands who never even cross the bridge. Why do they care? Grrrr....

Clay said...

The inclusion of the east bankers in a large turnout election was a decisive factor.

I will be honest: I was going to vote for renewal, had it not been for your post. I am leary about leaving maintenance to the state.

The CCC bureacrats must go.