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Comment Bump, Dec. 9, 2012

About as good as an assessment as it gets.  I don't know who you are anon, and I don't want to know but this is spot the fuck on:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Uhhh...Ok...maybe not....":
Letten (and the people he answers to) need to protect their cases from even the possibility of a defensive ploy based on the chaos in his office. 

It does not matter to me if people think Letten was great or terrible; I welcome the call to put a new man in charge right now, given what appear to be the facts on the ground in that office. 

The new guy is from out of state, and yet was part of putting Jefferson away. 

That seems like good news. 

He does not have much time to put his stamp on things before the statute of limitations runs out on some of the Nagin cronies, or on Nagin himself. 

I'm leaving thoughts about Letten to the side to pull for this new guy.

The list of local names floated as potential long-term replacements for Letten seems to piss a lot of people off; and I agree, any local, even a clean one, is not going to pass a sniff test right now, because people think the whole damn state is dirty. 

The cleanest local would be raked over the coals as people tried to figure out who he or she went to school with, ate lunch with, slept with in college, etc. 

A beauty pagent of local contestants might distract potentially disasterous local candidates from any attempt to meddle in the interim guy's pre-Christmas nightmare of a job, getting up to speed and handling a spreading scandal. 

Let them give their "oscar speeches" accepting the gig in front of their mirrors, if it frees up the guy who actually has the job as of right now to get down to it and charge some people. 

If he does well and wants it, he may end up being more than the interim guy. 

If he isn't going to stay, maybe he can really dig deep while he is in town, with no fear that he is burning bridges in a place where he's going to have to get along with people for decades.

Thanks for your service, Mr. Letten. Thanks for leaving, too. And best of luck to the new man. 

Some are pointing out that Mary Landrieu faces a tought fight soon. If speculations that she has some things she'd like to protect from view are correct, well, maybe. But it is voters who vote, and people across the board are sick fed up of corruption. 

It will look good on her if she is ready and willing to sacrifice a few party hack pawns to really clean the Nagin era corpse smell off everything connected to her or to politics in LA.


whitmergate said...

Anonymous leaves us with at least two thoughtful pronouncements:

“Thanks for your service, Mr. Letten. Thanks for leaving, too. And best of luck to the new man.”
OK I’m cool with that as long as the hyperbole ends ASAP ... no one is indispensable ...

THEN we read,

“ But it is voters who vote, and people across the board are sick (and) fed up of corruption.”
... and I am not cool with that, since the majority of sheeple (guesstimated to be 53%), who are eligible to register to vote have NOT registered to vote ... only about an average of 11% (within this metropolitan demographic area) of those who registered to vote actually vote !!!

Governmental institutions always survive; individuals elected and/or appointed to manage those institutions do not ... so goes the way of the world ...

Jason Brad Berry said...

Well, let me make something far as "the hyperbole ending asap"...I will say whatever I want, when I want, as much as I want. You are welcome to do the same, WG, as long as it doesn't land me in a libel suit, hence I moderate my comments.

The things I've written about Letten are my opinion and I make no apologies for them. I disagree with your view of Letten. I think the man deserves praise for the job he's done over the past decade and I'll say that as much as I want.