Friday, December 07, 2012

Someone should contact Amnesty International...

...because I think Mayor Landrieu and the city council members who voted for the SW&B rate increase are about to get "water-boarded"...

 From Oliver Thomas' FB page:

 Sewerage and Water Board is on my mind! Why? 

 Once again some of the hardest working class, poor, and Elderly Citizens are faced with another charge to their pockets. New Orleans shrinking Middle Class gets to to have another Fee, Bill, Tax Increase, at a time when families are ot only struggling Nationally, but also here in the Poverty Belt. I can say the Poverty Belt, because even though the Business Community, most Media, and Black Leaders continue to ignore National Reports like the Census, and Pew, and even the LANO study that says the Poverty gap is widening, our citizens continue to have more expenses rained down on them. Yesterday on Showtime( WBOK) Tracy Washington and I had Ray Manning on to explain the proposed doubling of the Water Bill. Tracy and I both presented credible information that would strengthen the proposal and protect the elderly, indigent, and demand greater opportunity for local, and small DBE Contractors. Now all of these issues should have been considered by our Council Members before they would agree to support such a drastic increase, but that isn't happening. The irony of it is that the Council Member that many of us have opposed, because she's been called Racist or Anti-Poor, seems to be the only one willing to fight for the interest of those who seem to be forgotten in this city. Mr. Manning said everything will be considered just trust us! Well after several Billion Dolllars and a Disaster Economy, many families, single women, and children are poorer than they've ever been. So why not use this as an opportunity to protect our citizens, make sure locals, and at risk youth participate. We know that all of the other programs so far haven't detered crime, haven't enriched local citizens, and haven't created a strong working and middle class that represents sustainability. 

 Let me share with you all some things that we proposed. 1. Make sure the plan attacks the areas that need it the most. (the Lower Nine, N.O. East, Upper Nine etc.) 2. Meet with those Communities and Draft plan the has their input and meets their needs. 3. Have a Poverty Reduction Plan that enhances the DBE program, and Mandates points for contractors who include local hires, and participation. 4. All Contractors agree to an Apprentice, or Internship Program, with local High Schools, and programs that work with At Risk Youth. 5. The City Council, and the Mayor formerly adopt legislation enforcing this effort. 6. The Inspector General finally have something to do that can help Small DBE's and Women owned Businesses participate by monitoring inclusion and participation by Majority Contractors, and calling out those contractors who ignore or try to get around using locals or DBE's. 

 Seems like it kind of makes sense, but it probably won't happen. And how ironic it is that the White Girl some called a Racist is the one leading the charge to protect the Poor and Disenfranchised of New Orleans. 

The more things change? 
Oliver Thomas Jr.

Wow!  Tracy Washington and Stacy Head are on the same page?  There may be something to this December 21, 2012 thing after all.

I think da Mayor and the city council members who rammed this rate increase through need a little TLC:

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