Saturday, December 15, 2012

Most important issue we may be facing at the moment

New Orleans' Mental Health Crisis

Please read.  Gambit is once again picking up the slack.


Kevin said...

Thanks, Dambala. Charles did a very good job (as always) with that story.

You might be interested in his story tomorrow - an investigation into the company contracted by the state to run Southeast Louisiana Hospital.

Anonymous said...

How about Jindal's dismantling of Hospice funding in Louisiana. What kind of sick fucker says fuck the old lady who is dying in her home. She is at home so she doesn't need anyone to care for her in her last dying days. This state has totally lost its fucking moral compass and I've never said this before I wouldn't piss on Bobby Jindal if he was on fire and I'm a (or was until now) republican.

How in the fuck did we lose compassion? Easy answer is because we privatized the nursing homes so those dying people can apply to a nursing home right before they die so they can offer Hospice care.