Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Tomorrow...Tomorrow...I love ya...tomorrow..'re only a day away!

Businessman pleads guilty to bribing former Mayor Ray Nagin

I think there needs to be a comma in that headline.

Anyway...I predict that DOJ calls a press conference tomorrow and the axe falls on Ray Ray.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!  Is that schadenfreude?  Maybe a little but more importantly Nagin's indictment will be a landmark day for the city of New Orleans...the pinnacle of post-Katrina, white collar, corruption sweeps.  It will garner mucho national attention, I'm sure some of it will be not so good, but the important thing is it will set a precedent in this city that "the game" has changed.

Of course, I'm probably may not go down tomorrow but it will go down soon enough.

Where's the party?

Oh...and...remember Junkaroos and Moveroos?  Just remember, you heard about that here first.  I am pretty sure C-Note's buddy, Byron Lee, is having some sphincterific moments right now along with one or two HANO officials.  How do I know this?  Let's just say....the same way I think Heebe's defense team found the DOJ commenters from


bruthas_back said...

It's going to be interesting to see how these high profile cases turn out with all the on-going turmoil in the USA's office

Anonymous said...

baptism by fire.

i dont even give a fuck anymore.

unless the d.o.j. gets the same hard on for the b.p. monies as they did the katrina bucks , it's gonna keep on keepin' on.

man i hope im wrong.