Thursday, January 10, 2013

A pet peeve

Yes this is petty but please, please do not call Sal Perricone or Jan Mann "bloggers".  They are commenters, not bloggers.  A blog is a running journal...a body of work.  A string of comments on someone else's body of work is not a blog.

I know the term "blogger" has its own negative connotations and I'll swallow that but commenting on media sites does not constitute a blog.

So stop it, dammit.


Unknown said...

I'm not sure about your pet peeve being valid. Writing on "comments" sections might truly be properly labelled as blogging. Don't want Maselli Mann and Perricone to give you a bad name? You can't really blame the MSM or others for calling them bloggers. Think Blogger, GoDaddy, and Google are somehow different from Advance?

And what's up with the people you would call bloggers? Is blogging supposed to be about personal agendas and vendettas vented online and hidden behind "blogging" as though it was some MSM journalistic enterprise? Take Vandenweghe, for example. It seems like she may have had longstanding personal agendas she vented as a "blogger," like I suggest at Also, what about Maselli-Mann and Vandenweghe? What's up with that? What about Vandenweghe's recent lunch with Broussard? Kinda hypocritical, no?

oyster said...

Dambala, if you write a book on blogging, make sure you title a chapter "Shaking the trees" or "Invitation to the spider's parlor". Something along those lines.

I'd like a signed copy, too, if possible.