Thursday, January 10, 2013

See...this is how it works

So this comment just came in on my last post:

Randall Cajun has left a new comment on your post "A pet peeve": 

I'm not sure about your pet peeve being valid. Writing on "comments" sections might truly be properly labelled as blogging. Don't want Maselli Mann and Perricone to give you a bad name? You can't really blame the MSM or others for calling them bloggers. Think Blogger, GoDaddy, and Google are somehow different from Advance?

And what's up with the people you would call bloggers? Is blogging supposed to be about personal agendas and vendettas vented online and hidden behind "blogging" as though it was some MSM journalistic enterprise? Take Vandenweghe, for example. It seems like she may have had longstanding personal agendas she vented as a "blogger," like I suggest at Also, what about Maselli-Mann and Vandenweghe? What's up with that? What about Vandenweghe's recent lunch with Broussard? Kinda hypocritical, no? is his IP and location from my stats:

Thanks for participating, Randall!

Hey...quick is it that Canada gets its own currency but none of the other states do?


Unknown said...

Wow !!!

Tracked me down to EastLink, amazing!

So how about the substance of my comment?

I guess this is just whatt happens with the blogasphere gang, as Whitmergate says, Jason.

Please prove you're not a robot.

TruittLaw said...

What's hypocritical about Anne Vandenweghe having lunch with a witness in her Federal Court case or with her attorney discussing his knowledge of your Canadian conduct as it relates to Slabbed? Only time will tell. I look forward to meeting you soon when you post your worthless bond in Federal Court to test the solvency of that.

Doug Handshoe said...

Boy Randall sure knows alot from there in southern Nova Scotia. I thought Charles leary and Vaughn Perret swore to the Times Picayune that Broussard was just some guy down the road. Now they know whom he goes to lunch with. Impressive.

You guys really should lay off the sause before you go playing on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Really simple...Blog, shortened from "web log". If you keep a running "web log" of your thoughts and opinions under your control, you are a "blogger". Leaving comments on someone else's site you are a "commenter" despite what Major Media outlets might lead you to believe (the paragon of accuracy, that they are).

I think this was a marketing ploy, when blogs were first getting some attention: "Come to our site and vent your spleen and you'll be a 'blogger' too."

Anonymous said...

To Randall Cajun: Randall, Please be advised I am a automated robot created and charged by the National Council of Cheese Producers to specifically smell and detect rotten cheese on the world wide web. Your IP address has been detected and exposed for unauthorized pollution. Please correct by 1200 hours or low altitude aerial spraying will commence using unmanned drones. Thank you and wishing you to press your REFRESH tab for the benefit of North America.

TruittLaw said...

"Chip in the dip".....just priceless.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I know you want to respond to that....please...go ahead. Tell me how wrong I am. Please. I don't understand "malice". have the floor.