Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Slabbed may have cracked the commenter case..

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Anonymous said...

Doug is on the right track but there one small caveat that’s being over looked. As I said before the DOJ office computers are monitored that you can be sure of however it is more likely both Mann and Perricone had wireless air cards for their lap tops or tablets if they were posting during working hours.

There are two types of IP addresses static ( stays the same ) and dynamic ( changes on every log in) wireless cards are generally dynamic however they would also ping off relays as smart phones would so triangulating a position with GPS should be possible . Then there is the LAN IP which is assigned and the unique signature of that computer or device. All you want to know about IP addresses and to look one up of black list is here.

To obtain IP's undetected would still require a TP Mole in getting the IP addresses whether static or dynamic because of the IT monitoring software . Also the wireless card maybe why the FBI is looking at certain Monica's supposedly used by both Mann and Perricone particularly if some of the comments were counterfeited .

The trolling net was cast wide for sure and I doubt the IH was the only computer that was bugged. Were ever a business in the court house area had a CVTV camera you more than likely will find the computer was hacked.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Jason for allowing me to speak out and for the information he has passed on to me. I do believe Jason like Doug are both doing a great service for our community in exposing corruption.

Having said that something has been bothering me a great deal, not that anyone would ask or care that being one of the points. I will lay it out to whomever dose care to read.

First of all, the rights to Free Political speech is something dear to me as a Vet I keenly understand the price paid for that right. However that right does not include those who yell fire in a theater to falsely cause panic or speech grounded in nonsense specifically written to harm others so the originator of that content can monetarily or other wise benefit from those statements without regard to who they may victimize. There are fanatics in this world who are government anarchists they take every hair brain statement to heart. Unfortunately we have seen many tragedies lately the most recent being in a Alabama hostage stand off with a 6 year old that was a copy cat to the tragedy in Connecticut. Another example closer to home was when two St. John officers where shot and killed by known anarchists.

For what it’s worth I happen to personally know people in the Louisiana National Guard as well families who have lost love ones. I did not evacuate after Katrina and was here when they came to serve with distinction after being deployed over seas causing some to be away longer from their families. The military suicide rate was alarmingly high at that time.

So let me be perfectly clear to anyone (man or woman) who would openly support individuals making statements that those brave men and women engaged in killing innocent civilians without any proof, are for a lack of a better word, the real ass’s particularly in light of all that’s happening and I equally expect those small minded individuals not to have empathy for the Danzinger victims or to be able to take what they dish out.

Secondly, “Not all maybe what it seems to be at first” (an old adage I happen to like old truisms). The sockpuppetry clearly is out of hand on and other blogs by those who jump back and forth under different pseudonyms speaking as a third party congratulating themselves etc… The falsity detracts from any message you may think you have and becomes just like the propaganda emanating from the PR firms now known to be involved. In fact those PR firms likely count on that fog of suspicion as they do trolling for ax grinders which would help explain Realmalice going after that very fact with AMV.

And lastly, there is no doubt IMHO there is a high likelihood Newhouse publications is directly engaging in some of the sockpuppetry both on , other blogs , and most likely across all 22 of their publications. Clearly their blog user guidelines administration and monitoring are a sad joke which, as I have said in the past along with the now known hacking, makes any successful lawsuit or criminal prosecution based on those blogs very difficult at best. Just as World News did, no doubt some of the Newhouse publication leaks may emanate from engaging in their own surrogate hacking proven in the total lack of concern or outrage in it’s publishing pictures and participating in stalking one of its own patrons, I find Judge Engelhardt’s sudden silence on this subject deafening?

“Just saying from the weeds ! ”


whitmergate said...

JPchirper ... you have come a long way ...

whitmergate said...

JPchirper ... kudos ... you have come a long way ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks' Whit guess according to Randell Cajun BS I can add you to my Valentines card list eh, seems I made his BS page too ? Another "told you so" is regarding the TP news and Full Moon supports Ton's attorney regardless if it's a conflict of interest because it will help solve half moon's quandary with the hated consent decree ? I thought in not happenstance to write an article praising Letten out of no where's just to turn around days later to crush him relentlessly even though Magner testified Letten didn't know ?

Twas it me who said it’s premature in thinking of Letten’s retirement, I think it twas ? Not that I am a supporter because I certainly am not just a realist . Just like Harry Lee, Letten has obtained rock star recognition whether deceivingly so or not in which Perricone also eluded to his taking credit for others work. And no doubt he has also amassed many owed favors from political elites as well made many enemies but we ultimately have to ask in the alternative could it have been or can it be worse than Letten and that thought gives me the Heebe gee bee's.

"Just Saying from the weeds!"

~ JPchirper~

Anonymous said...

P.S. Think you just might enjoy the commenters on the post we were refering too.