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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A little help": 

Having firsthand knowledge of the DHECC, I know that claims are not handled in any particular order or manner. 

PSC attorney firms and other attorneys have direct access to DHECC decision makers, whereas on the other hand, the DHECC and their representatives’ instruct its staff not to publish phone numbers and other contact information to the general pubic.

Because these attorneys have direct access to accountants responsible for reviewing and processing claims, they are having their claims paid in ridiculous proportions compared to other claimants.

Accountants behind the scenes largely ignore claimants not represented by attorneys, in clear violation of an agreement that is supposed to be fairly administered to all claimants similarly situated. 

Accounting firms reviewing claims have no incentive for expediency or results, but only to bill as many hours as they can, while often preforming redundant tasks, in hopes this boondoggle will last as long as possible.

A travesty indeed, unless you are a PSC attorney, or another law firm who is well connected… 

And this one:

Kevin has left a new comment on your post "A little help": 


Are the PSC firms representing opt-out claimants? Are the PSC firms receiving attorney's fees for assisting the claimants you describe in your comments above? 

I'm gonna let you chew on these for a little while before I post any further on the matter.  I will leave you with this order issued by Judge Barbier on March 8, 2012 regarding the transition from the Feinberg process to the DHECC.  Please note item number ten:

10.  New claims may be filed during the Transition Process until such time as the Court Supervised Claims Program is established and operational as set forth above. New claims submitted shall be processed and evaluated in the order they are received. Non-deficient claims previously pending with the GCCF shall be processed and evaluated prior to any new claims filed after the creation of the Transition Process.

These issues are directly related to the FOIA request I filed.  I will expound later in the week.  Suffice to say I believe there is a lot the public should be concerned about regarding the operations of the DHECC and the role some of the PSC attorneys have played in its structure and operations.

This is going to get much uglier, you'll want to stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Who is processing the BP Claims? Which firm?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Postlethwaite & Netterville

Kevin said...

Anon at 10:25pm from related post:

Just to be clear: when I say "PSC attorneys", I mean attorneys appointed by Judge Barbier to serve on the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee in the BP litigation.

Your comments about triple dipping on fees indicates to me that your meaning of "PSC attorneys" would include attorneys who are also "Class Counsel" in the BP settlements. Am I correct on that?

Jason Brad Berry said...

FYI, Kevin's question above is referring to this response from Anon in the previous post:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A little help":


Yes, the PSC attorneys are representing opt-out clients. In fact, some PSC attorneys have advised some of their own clients to opt-out!

To your second question, the PSC attorneys are essentially 'triple dipping.' The PSC attorneys are being paid $600 million by BP to complete the Global Settlement. Additionally, these same attorneys will collect a percentage of any settlement they win for a client. And thirdly, these same PSC attorneys will collect a handsome hourly fee on work towards that same settlement.

Anonymous said...


That is correct. Also class counsel in the BP Settlement

Anonymous said...

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Kevin said...

Anon (original):

How'd it go at work today?

Kevin said...


Without revealing anything proprietary, confidential or privileged, what written or electronic records would show a PSC member/class counsel advised their client to opt out? Is representing individuals/entities who timely opted out?

Hypothetical scenario:

I am an individual who timely-opted out of the BP settlement. I hire an attorney to try to work out my claims before filing an individual suit. I reach an acceptable agreement with the Claims Center.

Question: would I be required to opt back into the economic whatever global settlement as part of the deal?

Anonymous said...

Jason - have sent your request for help to an investigative reporter in DC with a major network....will let you know if I hear anything back,