Monday, March 04, 2013

Media matters

This Thursday, I will be a panelist on Jeff Croure's Ringside Politics with a Punch at the Eiffel Society located at 2040 St. Charles.  Not sure how much tickets run or even who the other panelists are but the doors open at 6 pm and I think the show kicks off at 8 pm.

Hang's the line up and topics of discussion:

Jason Berry, Investigative Reporter
Benny Grunch,   New Orleans Music Legend
Mikko,   Playwright, Actor, Comedian, Impersonator
Stephen Rue, Attorney, Author and Artist
J.D. Sledge, All-Star Comedian, Local and National Headliner
Reverend Aubrey Wallace, Pastor and Community Activist

We’ll discuss…. Nagin is finally Indicted; Most Corrupt Mayor in History; Allegedly Received Bribes from Theater Owner, Should he be indicted too? Broussard sentenced to 46 months in prison, but ex-wife escapes, is that fair? Super Gras was a success, but did Superdome blackout give New Orleans a black eye? Fire Causes Boil Alert in New Orleans , Will Sewerage and Water Board rates go higher? Can next U.S. Attorney fill Jim Letten’s shoes? Jindal’s popularity plummets, but he still wants to run for President; Teacher Plan Ruled Unconstitutional; How about them Pelicans? Benson Makes Forbes Top 400 List, so why does he get State Money? Sequester Apocalypse, will we survive? How is Catholic Church doing as Cardinals prepare to elect new Pope? Michelle at the Oscars; and Dennis Rodman our new Ambassador to North Korea; Along with more great topics, as always, it will be a Prime Time for Punch!

Also, on Monday at 4 pm, I will be on Paul Beaulieu's WBOK radio show discussing the Wisner Trust.

And...I'm supposed to do a podcast on the Wisner story with Humid Beings at some point but we're still trying to schedule that.  I will keep you posted.


oyster said...

Not sure if I can make it, but it sounds like a great group. Tix are usually $15 individually and $25 for a couple.

Anonymous said...

Aubrey Wallace !?!?!?!?!

Do you have any idea of his participation in the 'Wringled Robe' fiasco and the Porteous impeachment debacle ?

This west-bank 'Uncle Tom' is not to be taken seriously ... seriously.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Rue has to be one of the dumbest people I ever met. He's barely capable of stringing together a sentence. One might easily suspect he's a mental defective.