Thursday, May 23, 2013

The zombie TP?
"It's hard to deny that the New Orleans newspaper war is a compelling story. But it's important to note that so far it's basically a story about one paper being brought back from the dead.. much of it anyway."
Jeffrey goes on to give us a well needed character profile of King Georges' venture into public life.  I would add one more footnote in King Georges' history....not as a matter of self promotion but simply because I think it's important to shape the character whole.

Johnny is playing the resurrection card, no doubt.  And if there's one thematic literary construct every good Catholic in this city's resurrection.

But at the end of the the King still the "dangerous peoples of the internet" dude?  Or is he truly building a fertile workplace for journalism?

I have no fucking idea...I'm just thinking out loud.  I'm really just bloviating.

Still...the possibilities excite me.  Imagine a real investigative reporter unleashed in Baton Rouge....close your's beautiful isn't it?

I'm trying not to be cynical and assume the worst.  I totally understand Doug's perspective and he's right, right, and more right.  I guess my expectations have been diminished so far that I'm just hoping against hope that this may be some fucked up, crazy, palingenesis of capitalistic journalism that will shift this state's foundation.

Ok...that was all a bunch of bullshit...I'll get serious in the next post and give you some hardcore facts and legal filings.  Sorry if you read all that and feel as empty as I do.  Ashe'.  


jeffrey said...

I'm not trying to be cynical either. There's a lot to like about what's going on. I'm a new Advocate subscriber. I'm rooting for them. Those comments are just me trying to be realistic about things.

Anonymous said...

brenneans and galitors. dudes just piling up chips and chits. seen it my whole life and have heard about generational versions from my older fam both here and in the ozarks .

if we dont prop up an i.g. and an a.g. that are independent to keep this shizz in check it's just gonna be more of the same.

i.e. you cats busting your balls untill the mainstream has to pay attention.

thanks to all my nola blogers for giving a shit and getting their hands dirty.

got nothing but love for ya baby , rickngentilly