Thursday, May 09, 2013

Yo, Anonymous.....

...Is this really yours?

If it's not, I'd be happy to tell you where it came from :)

Please let me extend the rope....just keep on....oh, the cleverness of you!


Anonymous said...

Someone just posted several links on WDSU to Youtube on this. Mitch Landrieu backers behind this doesn't he hate WBOK?

#OP WBOK Part 1:

#OP WBOK Part 2:

#OP Part 3#Danny Bakewell

#OP Open Letter Advertisers Part 5

Jason Brad Berry said...

Its definitely politically's not coming from the real anonymous.

Anonymous said...

the owner of the youtube channel also subscribes to a clue?

Lots of questions raised by these videos. Someone put a lot of effort into them but there is very little reward potential. The only way I know about this is through your website.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Or here's another clue....why did author of these videos choose WDSU's site to push their agenda?

What political operative in the city, that may or may not work for the mayor, deals with WDSU on a regular basis and may have even produced video packages and political push pieces for them in the past?

How did Anonymous know, if it's true, that Beaulieu met with Emily Arata and Ryan Berni and attempted to extort money from them? That information could only have originated from one of two people, Arata or Berni...both the mayor's top public relations peeps.

How did Anonymous know, if it's true (I'm 99% positive it isn't), that Beaulieu successfully (as the video claims) extorted 15k out of Stacy Head's campaign? Could that allegation have come from someone who worked on Head's campaign?


Here's the thing...these videos aren't hard to recreate. You simply yank the intro and talking head vid off the internet and run the script through the voice analyzer. Rest assured, this is not coming from the real Anonymous network.

But...but...whoever is doing this is spoofing Anonymous at their own peril. I would just point out these guys hacked the IDF, they have penetrated top level security institutions around the world. They are not someone you want to poser to pull off small-pond political attacks.

Whoever is doing it...I hope they're not going off the reservation on this and I hope they understand what they may be setting their boss up for.

If the real Anonymous catches wind of this and it's even remotely may not end up looking so clever.

But what the hell do I know? Let the games continue.

Anonymous said...

But it is true that Gerod Stevens is no longer on the radio. And that his exit was abrupt and recent. Is he a patsy?

whitmergate said...

the 'real' Anonymous are on this ... no bullshit is tolerated ...