Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bobby Jindal: The Brown Acid

I thunk this metaphor up the other day on my FB page (you can friend me if you want) and it was so good I had to pull it over to AZ.

Recently, Bobby J. wrote an editorial to the TP where he kinda, sorta, tried to take credit for New Orleans' resurgence after Katrina.

As I was reading it, I started having flashbacks from that time I ate the bad mushrooms in college.  The metaphor then hit me like a bolt from the heavens....Bobby Jindal is like the brown acid at Woodstock.  For Jindal to claim that he is responsible for New Orleans comeback is like the guy pushing the brown acid at Woodstock claiming he was responsible for everyone having a good time.

When first presented to us, it seemed like a good idea.  Seven years later we're just grinding our teeth and praying to Jesus, Buddha, Shiva...whatever hallucination you're experiencing on this mortal coil.... that this trip just ends.

I think it's time for someone in the Louisiana GOP to take responsibility, stand up on the national stage and warn the masses, "Don't take the brown acid,'s your trip....but be warned."

Oh man...I think it's too late for The Hayride...just stay away from the mirror and the phone, dudes!

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