Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rising Tide VIII

I'm late in my promotional efforts for this years Rising Tide Conference but better late than never.

It's Sept 14 and you can register right here.  Look...if you haven't should go.  It's really the only forum of its kind in this city and the panel discussions in the past have been enlightening and prophetic.  Please support the New Orleans blogging community and come to the conference at the wonderful facilities in Xavier University.  Especially if you've never been to Xavier because it's one of the best things the city has going and this is a great opportunity to visit the campus.

If you can't come, please donate.

This year's Keynote is by the lovely, insightful and unshakable Deborah Cotton.  Please take a day off and come participate in the conversations that move our city forward.



Anonymous said...

Think it's VIII?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I flunked that's VIII