Thursday, August 22, 2013

Give me more, AJ

Good, good, good stuff:

Orleans Parish Prison - America Tonight - Al Jazeera America from Anon Videos on Vimeo.

I'm amazed by this because I've never heard Gusman make his own this extent.  Why haven't we heard this?  I'm not getting on a bandwagon but I'm beginning to understand the challenges.  Thank you foreign journalism entity!  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This post is for the previous ,"universal deceit ", as well as a consent decree....
I have seen this wheel turn before. You set a standard for reform that is impossible financially and conceptually to meet...who will be the judge or chosen overlord/who will get paid handsomely, if it is accomplished or not ?The fed is building a huge state of the art prison. The Sheriff wil not be able to meet the prescribed goals and neither will the police for that matter. The judge will rule..perhaps someone on the Washington dole.. And then presto, first state takeover and next privatization! Price per head in prison is more profit that price per head in education.
On another note!
I have been taking a look at the 93 la. Riots! Lots of snipers were positioned and real estate burned down. That neighborhood changed . Loads of people left the area and rebuilding begun. Lookin back.
And then the Jim Jones frisco..
I believe there is a plan. My partner is chaos theorized and thinks I go too far...maybe he's right.

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations about "Dark Yoda" getting charged!

I think you might be batting a thousand.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Wait a minute...Dark Yoda is Ellis...has he been indicted?