Friday, August 02, 2013

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Political machinations stain selection for a job that's meant to be above politics

One more reason why The Lens is gradually solidifying themselves as the bedrock of journalism in this city, they will go where the other guys fear to tread and this Op-ed by Moseley epitomizes that reality.

How Polite was fast-tracked into the position of U.S. Attorney for New Orleans is disconcerting on many levels.  Especially in the wake of the crook, Fred Heebe's, ability to buy his way out of facing justice.  


Anonymous said...

Great read. My main concern is his complete lack of experience. At 37, he simply does not have the trial or administrative experience for this office. But, maybe that sets up Maurice Landrieu to be the Wizard of Oz, running things from behind the curtain. Just saying.....

Jason Brad Berry said...

True dat. And what I want to know is a full list of properties and investments that Nineland, LLC. has. Right now we only know about the parking lot next to the Tower Plaza but I know there is more because I've already looked into it. I have heard rumors that the Landrieus may have some interest in River Birch. If that's true and it's through Nineland, that raises some pretty interesting issues, especially with Maurice.