Friday, August 02, 2013

The dangerous peoples of the intertubes strike again

LC has a funny post on this subject.

Yesterday, Business reported that John Georges admitted to them, via text messaging, that he, in fact, never actually spoke with Steven Newhouse as he claimed he did.  In a Baton Rouge Press Club meeting, Georges claimed he spoke with Mr. Newhouse and offered to buy the Times-Picayune to which Newhouse allegedly responded, "Not no, but hell no".

Well, apparently King J's imagination got the best of him, like when he declared himself "the black candidate" in the last mayoral race (don't worry I'm not going to link to the DKE post).   King Georges now says it was actually his lawyers that spoke with Newhouse.

Jim Romensko picked up on the story and accused King J of "fibbing" under this headline:


Shortly after Romenko posted, King J himself jumped on the blog, per the nifty Facebook commenting process the Advocate has championed, and claimed "This isn't true".  King J's loyal subjects immediately jumped to his defense (I had no idea how rabid his fan club is).

After being pressed to explain exactly what isn't true, he clarified, "The headline isn't true."  Ah! Good thing we defined "this".  The story is true, but the headline isn't....gotcha.

Read the comment section on Romenko's's quite entertaining.  The loyal subjects couldn't contain their zeal in vilifying those lowly bloggers and their fabricated stories.  One zealot even pointed out that other than King J's kingdom, "Everything else is a circle jerk."  They were all in a huff because a lowly blog fabricated a story about Georges fabricating a story...except the blogger didn't actually write the story, Business wrote the story and as it turns out said story was actually true.  

I stand by my assertion that King J has done a great job of overhauling the Advocate but the next time he wants to spin a web about Steve Newhouse, he should call Newhouse fantasy was so much better


Anonymous said...

I followed the link to the story only to find only like ten comments. Like me, people are enjoying their summer. I do find it amusing that Mr. Arroyo made an appearance. I have fond memories of listening to him and Christopher what's-his-name on 690(?).

Jason Brad Berry said...

Hit the arrow button on the comments...the expand/collapse.

Read again and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

A train wreck of butt puppets looks like?