Saturday, September 07, 2013

gears grinding....wheels turning

I have admittedly dropped the ball here on AZ in the past 2 to 3 weeks but I've had a heavy workload in the real world that's kept me occupied.  I've also been fighting "computer issues"...I'll leave it at that....but I think I have overcome that challenge for the immediate future.

I'm working on some upcoming posts along with some AZ's a sampling of what's to come.  Comment Bump - August 19, 2013:

Kevin has left a new comment on your post "The Advocate story on Wisner": 

Question for the Wisner Donation:

A few articles ago here on AZ, there was some information and links showing that Michael Sherman had intervened into a lawsuit against the City of New Orleans and the Board of Zoning Adjustments for the City of New Orleans Boards. The law firm representing Michael Sherman was the Herman Herman Katz & Cotlar firm (Soren Giselson). 

Is that a potential conflict of interest akin to the conflict alleged by the City through its counsel, the Herman law firm, when they petitioned the court to remove the Waltzer firm? 


Kevin said...

The bottom line is, I guess, were the "Sherman cases" active in August 2012?

If so, who was counsel of record for Michael Sherman and, ultimately, his 2010 successor, in his intervention into "The Uptowner v. City of New Orleans and Board of Zoning Adjustment for the City of New Orleans"?

Was his "companion" case "Sherman v. City of New Orleans and Board of Zoning Adjustment for the City of New Orleans" also active, and who was counsel of record for him?

I believe both those New Orleans entities is a plaintiff in a BP lawsuit and represented, in part, by the same counsel that represented the "Sherman plaintiffs."

Anonymous said...

I was reading about the Mayor's current appeal battle on the firefighters' pension fund. Greedy bastard.

What is new with the Wisner case? Has it been heard in court?

Kevin said...

Michael Sherman: you and Sherman Strategies are involved in the "Fairfield" project and the Westbank Strategic Plan, aren't you?

Michael Sherman: what position do you play on the Churchill Team? How long have you been on the Team?

Anonymous said...

Kevin - I bet Sherman is friends with Don Randon. Mr. Randon has represented Marcello for years.

Kevin said...

Anonymous at 8:18pm:

You would win that bet.

If I remember correctly, Michael Sherman came to New Orleans in post-Katrina 2005 to work briefly for the city in some sort of urban development department or program designed to rejuvinate New Orleans.

Months later, he left the city's employ and started trying to develop something at Churchill Farms with the Coastal Companies and I believe Eddie Sapir.

In 2007, Don Randon acts as broker or agent to Churchill Farms in its sale of 50 acres of land to the JEDCO for $1 million cash with no warranty of title.

Also in 2007, Sherman is identified in USACE documents as representing Joseph Marcello and Churchill Farms with the USACE contractor in connection with a dirt pit for levee borrow material.

In 2009, Sherman is identified as an important Churchill Farms team member for Randon Realty.

What are the odds those 2 didn't have communications between the time he started his City of New Orleans employment in 2010 and May 31, 2013 when he resigned?

How do you go almost 4 years without paying attention to the business of your legacy client, coach and fellow team members until summer-2013 when you and your new LLC resume play almost like you never left?

Anonymous said...

Does Michael Sherman disburse the funds for the litigation involving the Uptowner and his companion case, Sherman vs the city of New Orleans and the BZA?
If Sherman isn`t responsible for the costs of this litigation then the Herman Law firm has alot of explaining to do.