Thursday, September 12, 2013

Slap on the wrist

During sentencing of River Birch bribery defendant, judge scolds Justice Department

Mouton was the lone sucker standing in this entire debacle and he was really just a bagman.  The fact that Heebe and the parade of assholes he bribed walked out of this fuck'snu is quite possibly one of the darkest chapters in New Orleans' history.  The Department of Justice has sent a very clear message to white-collar criminals in this got enough money and stroke, you can get away with anything.

On top of that horrific message, their silence on the "investigation" into the commenting scandal puts the icing on the cake.  I guess they are just hoping it all falls into the memory hole and...."Hey look!  The Saints are playing!"

At least Judge Feldman pointed the bullshit out on the record:
I'm told that the government was asked for copies of the reports conducted as a result of stories about prosecutorial misconduct [in the U.S. attorney's office]. I'm to understand that that information was never shared with the probation office," Feldman said during the hearing in his New Orleans courtroom. "The government has not shared the information with this court regarding the serious potential for misconduct ... those formal reports were never turned over to the probation office to help me sentence this defendant."
While we're on the subject, what exactly are they doing at the U.S. Attorneys Office on Poydras these days?  Did everyone just say fuck it and start taking 4-hour lunches at Ruth Chris like the guys they once prosecuted do?  Or maybe they're hanging out together now?  Maybe they took a cue from Newhouse and went down to 4 days a week?

Sorry if I'm being exceptionally profane in this post but this whole thing is exceptionally fucking profane...transmogrifyingly profane.  At least I'll take some solace knowing Mouton isn't sitting in the pokey while Heebe continues to rake in millions and brags about his sidestepping ability every Friday afternoon in the "backroom" at Mr. John's Steakhouse.

And the beat goes on.


Doug Handshoe said...

Count Mark Titus among the bagholders with Mouton. The Horn Investigation has to be close to complete.

bruthas_back said...

Will the commenting "scandal" have any affect on Nagin's trial?
I can only remember one comment about Nagin attributed to Periconne. I doubt he only made one comment though.

nolafred said...

The office is just waiting for the new guy in charge to be confirmed by the full Senate. Until then: long lunches and martinis for all!

Anonymous said...

I think Heebe will end up being the most powerful man in Louisiana. Certainly in Greater New Orleans. Think about it. What he as pulled off has now given numerous high profile convicted and soon to be convicted felons a possible new lease on life. This will only add to Heebe's clout and power. This man is basically invincible and many will benefit.

Anonymous said...

Pandora's box is now open because this calls into question the entire Jamie Perdiago prosecution effort which many in the legal community believe was a set-up by the DOJ and other powerful individuals intent on shutting him up.

Anonymous said...

AZ great comments on what the justice department is doing right now. How many prosecutions that are signed, sealed, and delivered by enforcement agencies are finding their way to the statute of limitations expiration point? The public deserves to know why the us attorneys office is allowing all of these cases to die even ones not tainted by the scandal.