Thursday, October 03, 2013

The beginning of the end?

Appeals court rules for BP - allows claims process to be revisited

Methinks this ends only one way....not the good way.


Anonymous said...

BP will go the Exxon route and fight tooth and nail for the next 2 decades before they inevitably lose (but profit in the meantime). No Federal Court has the balls to really slap them around with putative damages enough to matter.

However today's win isn't that big a deal. It's mostly due to cash accounting vs. accrual accounting (nitpicky stuff). It'll still save BP millions, but that's mostly a function of the scale of the claims, not the ruling.

My 2 cents.

Kevin said...

In my non-attorney, personal opinion, if BP wanted to go all the way Exxon, they will take the language from yesterday's decision about a potentially improper class definition/certification and run that up the flag pole in front of the other panel that's considering the appeal of the certification.

melon farmer said...

Does anybody have access or a link to all the pleadings/filings in the case that is searchable without losing a pauper's nut? Is that posted somewhere?

Also, the filings related to the appointments of the "overseer-sucker suits" (i.e.: JDs) both current and former?

Methinks thar maght bee (public) gowd burreed in them hils-o-paper. Think?

Anybody gotta canteen, an ass and a pick?

Kevin said...

I'm not an attorney, and I'm also not an apologist for BP.

But, I just re-reviewed the names and descriptions/backgrounds of each of the named Class Representatives in the BP settlement class.

Unless I missed it, there was not a single class representative for the legal profession; highway construction industry; rice farmers; beauty shops; or, anyone other than those who earned a living from, or owned land on, the Gulf of Mexico - i.e., fishing; seafood processing/marketing; beachfront properties; etc.

Isn't that an indication as to who the settlement was really meant to help?

Public records searches on each of the named Class Representatives turned up some very interesting facts and I will be updating my "Andry questions" later.