Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wimpy, Jr. pulls off miracle...deemed too crooked for Washington, D.C.

For the past two years I have been getting bombarded with "Gulf Coast Summit" emails, knowing they were coming from William Loiry, or Wimpy Jr. as I like to call him because he would gladly pay you tomorrow for the price of a bullshit summit today.

He's ripped off so many people across the country he has more than one online forum dedicated to his criminal hijinks.  His victims, too numerous to count, rage on about getting screwed out of thousands of dollars...but usually never 10's of thousands....and I think that's how he keeps treading water.  He's careful to never get one person for too much cash. 

Well, after a few civil suits by people who did take the time to sue him, the summit scam looks like it's finally been exposed in our nation's capital.  What he's been doing as of late is taking people's registration fee then never putting on the actual summit.  I guess he figured, "Hell...why even bother with the real summit?"

The District of Columbia filed a complaint against Loiry for making misrepresentations over an event called the "American Energy Summit" that was supposed to have been held at the Washington Convention Center.  Of course it never happened and as a result of the complaint Loiry has agreed to stop doing business in D.C.  That's ironic considering he has a publishing company with a Pennsylvania Ave. address.  

It's kind of funny to me....this guy is so bad he got run the fuck outta the beltway...I've never heard of such a thing.  I thought that's how you got promoted in D.C. 

The current incarnation of his Gulf Coast Restoration Summit website claims to have put on an event here in New Orleans in July of 2013.  I got a ton of emails promoting that but I am not sure the event actually went down.  He also has pictures of a summit he hosted, supposedly, in August of 2012, where Billy Nungessor provided the keynote and David Vitter spoke...two guys who I suppose appreciate his work.

I know he put one on at the Riverside Hilton back in 2011 because I attended it.  In that conference he ended up stiffing most of the people who worked for him, including a couple of my good friends.  Former Lens reporter, Ariella Cohen, reported on that swindle back in June of 2011.

Notice that the contact page on the website has no real address, phone number or even email.  That's convenient because I know of more than one lawyer who's been trying to track the slippery bastard down.

I've been trying to track the guy's shenanigans as much as possible, but he's like Leonardo DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can".  He's a wily one, fo' true.

Anyway...if you get an email to register for another BP oil spill summit....yada yada.....don't.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Zombie.

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