Saturday, October 19, 2013

DHECC - Comment Bump, October 19, 2013

Kevin has left a new comment on your post "DHECC - Freeh's interests may not be so free": 

Just a few personal thoughts on what kind of questions Mr. Andry might want to ask the witnesses, assuming he is granted access to them:

Did David Duval resign for any reasons connected to the information appearing in the Freeh report?

Is he prevented from assisting anyone in bringing BP claims?

Is he working for the family firm in Houma?

How many BP claims has the family firm brought for others?

Did he work or help or have lunch with anyone on any of those?

Did he have any involvement in any BP claims where the CPA firm Bourgeois Bennett was also involved (his aunt is a principal in that firm)?

Same question for Duval Shearer CPA?

Is David Duval involved with the Crescent City Group?

Who hired Kirk Fisher and why?

Who hired David Odom and why?

Who hired all the other MBAs from the Class of 2012?

Did the MBAs have preferential knowledge of or access to these claims center jobs?

Were there any other applicants for these claims center jobs now held by the MBAs?

Were any other people interviewed for these jobs?

Do the MBAs work for the Crescent City Group?

What kind of work is done by the MBAs and does it take someone with an MBA to do it?

Is Michael Olinde the treasurer of Crescent City Group?

Did Kirk Fisher know Michael Olinde before 2010? 

Did David Odom know Michael Olinde before 2010? Did they graduate from high school together? Before 2010, did they invest any money together?

Last question (for now): What is it y’all say I did wrong, again?

I’m wondering if Pat Juneau is one of the “other persons” to whom Mr. Andry wants access. He does list Pat’s son, Michael.


Kevin said...

More questions Mr. Andry might have for Mr. Duval:

Is an entity known as "Lake Eugenie Land & Development, Inc." named as a plaintiff in the class action case that produced the class action settlement?

Is Lake Eugenie Land & Development, Inc. a “Class Representative” for the class action settlement being administered by the DHECC and CAO?

Is any member of your family's law practice a director of Lake Eugenie Land & Development, Inc.?

Kevin said...

Mr. Andry could ask Messrs. Fisher and Odom if they could answer questions like:

Did or does the Alpha Consulting Group, LLC have any employees at the CAO or DHECC? How many? What kind of positions do they have? Who do they report to?

How did Alpha Consulting Group, LLC become a contractor at the CAO/DHECC? Prior experience?

Are you a member, manager, agent (not "agent for service"), etc. of Alpha Consulting Group, LLC?

In addition to being the treasurer of your company discussed in the Freeh report, the Crescent City Group, isn't Michael Olinde also a member of Alpha Consulting Group, LLC?

Are there any other members, managers, agents, holding companies, investors, etc in these 2 LLCs that don't appear in any publicly available records?

Kevin said...

I'm not an attorney. I just cut and pasted this from the 5th Circuit's October 2, 2013 opinion so I could ask intelligent questions:

"On December 5, 2012, BP requested that the Administrator convene a
Claims Administration Panel to consider '“the issue of the assignment of revenue to the proper months for purposes of the BEL causation framework and the proper matching of revenue and corresponding expenses for purposes of the BEL compensation framework.”' BP asked to meet with the Administrator, Class Counsel, and the accounting vendors to discuss this issue, followed by a formal Panel, if necessary."

Who are the "accounting vendors"? Is it P&N, only?

Are there any other CPAs in the CAO?

What does she/he/they do for the CAO and Mr. Juneau?

Anonymous said...

Do attorneys from the offices of the Motley Rice and Fayard law firms ever walk the 30 yards across the street to visit the DHECC offices on Gravier?

Kevin said...

Does anyone know for certain if there is a PSC attorney fee holdback on claims being paid by the claims administrator?

Kevin said...

I believe I found my answer to the hold-back.

Claims paid as part of the BP settlement - no fees held back.