Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Wisner Trust - Not so fast, Mr. Mayor

The Wisner heirs recently filed a suspensive appeal in Div. D to stop the Mayor from spending the City's portion of the Wisner Trust funds until the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals can hear the case.  To my utter surprise, Judge Zeno granted the suspension.

Suspensive Appeal Order by Judge Zeno

This basically cock blocks the Mayor from spending any of the money he's allocated (without oversight) from the City's Wisner fund.  I would also note that it gives City Council time to take up their responsibility as an oversight body as dictated by the City Code, a role that was acknowledged by the Mayor's counsel in the hearing.

I'm betting this puts the Mayor in a bind as I'm sure there are a lot of folks waiting to get their hands on that dinero.

Speaking of that, I was excited to see a tweet last week from The Lens' Charles Maldonado that he had finally received the Mayor's Wisner budget (not sure which years) per a public records request he had file some four months ago.   I guess transparency is like a fine wine, it needs time to age.

UPDATE:  actually a clarification...the heirs did not file the suspensive appeal to block the money being spent by the City, it was filed in order to suspend the overall effects of Zeno's judgement until the Appellate Court can hear the case.  The heirs have deferred to the Wisner Trust Advisory Committee to decide whether or not the Mayor should be allowed to spend the City's portion of the Wisner money until the case is heard by the 4th Circuit.    

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