Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Much ado about nothing?

Let's try, "Methinks it is like a weasel".

Whoook!!!  We may have a winner in the BP bullshit marathon:

Freeh investigation parallels BP settlement dispute

Not in the reporting but in Loyola law professor Blair LeCesne's comments in the story.  Sweet baby Buddha that may be the biggest load of shite I've seen in the entire BP saga....BP's shite included.
"If there is anything that is remotely amiss, that claim has to go through a gauntlet of multiple levels of accountants' review before a decision is made to pay the claim," he said.  "So it's almost impossible to defraud the system."
Unless, of course, you are one of the firms who created the system.  I'm really fascinated at LeCesne's knowledge and mastery of the claims office and claims process.  I wonder who his research sources are and how he came to formulate his opinion...being a Loyola law professor and all.

"BP has predictably exaggerated the nature and substance of the findings of the Freeh report, whereas the Freeh report actually validated the process in most respects," LeCesne said.  "The only wrongdoing is an ethical violation by an attorney and other unseemly conduct by some attorneys trying to get their claims paid ahead of other."
"When you look at that, it's not really that bad," he said.  "They probably were overzealous in trying to get their clients and themselves paid before everyone else, but they weren't trying to extract improper payments.  There's a big difference."
WRONG!  114% wrong, Blaine.

The unnamed firm on page 60 of the report is suggested to have overstated claims by up to 114%...that is not simply trying to "get your claims paid first".  But even so, the attempt to diminish that violation and the overall effect it has on the claims process is outrageous...it's embarrassing.

If any of the PSC attorneys have manipulated the process or the claims office to expedite their own claims and fraudulently increase the amount of these claims, they've both broken the law and breached their fiduciary duty, under MDL classification, to the claimants who they have been entrusted to represent.  They've put their own private interests and claimants above the other claimants in the settlement...and this...is "really that bad".

And I'm curious about something, Mr. LeCesne...why do you think it's not such a big deal that insiders may have been using their influence to expedite claims?  Judge Barbier's mandate for the claims process clearly stated that claims should be processed in the order they are received.

Blaine...let me ask you another question....did you, perhaps, use your influence and connections to attempt to get a claim in the DHECC expedited?  Is that why you're contending that it's not such a big deal?

What say you, sir?  Did you, yourself, seek favor in the claims office or did you not?

Of course, I don't expect LeCesne to answer that question here but I would encourage AZ readers to contact the editor of the The Southeast Texas Record, Marilyn Tennissen, and ask her to have reporter Amanda Robert go back to Mr. LeCesne and ask him this question on the record.

If that happens, I hope he thinks long and hard before he answers it. 


Kevin said...


Has he contacted you, yet?

Is it possible he's friendly with someone on the PSC? He's done work with some big-name NO plaintiff firms, like Gauthier and Murray. He may know Caroline Fayard (Wisner counsel) from her days as a Westerfield Fellow Professor of Law at Loyola in 2007-2009 until "she returned to private practice in 2010." LeCesne may have even "taught" Caroline's step-mom, Frances, a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Gauntlet? On paper.. maybe. But in reality, it's more like a playpen at Chuck E. Cheese's.

And as previously reported on this site, that "gauntlet" got considerably looser when an unnamed Big Four firm had their role reduced.

If you know the system, you're bumper bowling.

Fear and the 5th is what is slowing that machine down.

Anonymous said...

This is how you sweep "The 114% Un-named Law firm" under the rug.....

Jason Brad Berry said...

Well I'm lifting the rug back up.

Anonymous said...

Why was Sid Cotlar fired from the Herman Katz firm? They're suing each other in CDC right now.

Anonymous said...


"He served as Deputy City Attorney for the City Attorney of New Orleans from 1987-1989 and was a partner with the law firm of Brook, Morial, Cassibry, Fraiche & Pizza from 1989-1991."

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yet another city attorney...damn.

Anonymous said...

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lil'oya said...


His current projects involve liability determinations in the BP oil spill litigation, a proposed statutory model for gross negligence, class action developments in Louisiana, and special proceedings under the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure.

Professor LeCesne is a frequent expert legal analyst on the BP oil spill and has been interviewed and quoted extensively by such diverse media sources as ...