Monday, December 09, 2013

Sometimes things you thought you buried....

Last week both Christine Reitano and the Andry Law firm filed motions in Judge Barbier's court to have their cases removed from the Eastern District and unconsolidated from the BP Multi-district litigation case.

Andry motion to modify

Andry memo in Support of motion to modify

Reitano motion to Reallot

Reitano Memo in Support to Unconsolidate

Barbier immediately denied the motions:

Barbier denial to Reitano motion

Barbier denial to Andry Law Firm motion

And as I reported previously, Barbier has stayed Reitano's breach of contract suit:

Barbier motion to stay Reitano lawsuit

A federal judge has a lot of the U.S. court system that is.  He/she has the ability to seal documents, hide testimony and discovery, even interrupt or deny the due process of justice which by law should be afforded to the accused.  I remember my journalism law professor at Ole Mis, Jere Hoar, telling our class that in many ways a federal judge is more powerful than a seated president .  I didn't understand what he meant at the time but I fully understand it now.

But I also understand something else, despite the best laid plans of mice, men and federal judges...truth has a way of bubbling up through the cracks.  And there is another court in this country other than the U.S. Court system....a figurative one that's dictated by the first amendment.  In that court, a federal judge is not omnipotent.  


Anonymous said...

I am friend and former colleague of Christine Reitano and I know her to be a person of great integrity. Professionally, as a lawyer, I cannot imagine Christine ever doing anything to compromise her position or the integrity of her work. This lawsuit and the incrimination of her reputation are outrageous and egregious.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the new article? It just disappeared before I could read it.. I clicked your first link from the Southeast Texas record and it was gone when I returned.